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Risk Management: Why You Need a Paging System

Companies need to consider a paging system.  In today’s world of rapid-fire technology, companies often depend on mobile devices and communications to deliver internal messages quickly.  It is easy and fast to send a group text to communicate message like, “There’s cake in the break room for Holly’s birthday.”  If you miss it, no big […]

Four Hidden Benefits of Home Security Cameras

Commercial and residential camera security solutions has become big business in recent years.  Some people know them as burglar alarm systems, but professionally, they are known as security and surveillance solutions. Whereas businesses have budgeted for this type of security for decades, more and more homeowners are taking advantage of surveillance technology that makes home protection affordable […]

Buying Security Cameras For Your Office

Living in 2019, the need for campaigning the importance of security cameras in the office environment is non-existent. Every business of whichever caliber is going to invest in cameras as a primary source of surveillance security. But is buying a surveillance camera and connecting it to the hub all that will matter to security, there […]

4 Ideas to Upgrade your Smart Home during Holidays

Holidays are on the way, and this is the time of the year, where people tend to engage in different activities. However, many of you might consider upgrading your house into an advanced smart one, which will improve the overall face of the property. The idea also helps in safeguarding your property and making it […]

Why Should You Use Automation Systems?

In case you’re having any doubts, we are the generation of modern technology and innovation. We couldn’t even imagine an automated security system in the past couple of decades but thanks to the development of technology, this milestone has been achieved and people are making the most of it so why not you? When the […]

Functions of Intercom System in Residential and Commercial Buildings

The Intercom system has gone from the mere two-way communication system to include many features and technological features that are improving its functionality. The two-sided nature of the intercom systems has opened the door for many uses of the system beyond its traditional function. Some common uses of the Intercom system There are now many […]

Does home automation increase home value?

Home automation does increase home value. As time goes on, buyer’s expectations for a home and apartment changes. While first-time home buyers are generally just happy for going into the market, more and more seasoned buyers are looking to have smart home functionality in the next home they purchase. They start asking questions about smart […]

Most Effective Ways To Burglar Proof Your Home

According to the U.S. Department of Justice, there is an average of 1.7 million burglaries recorded nationwide resulting to over $3.7 billion losses per year. When you think of home security and burglar proof, do you suddenly start thinking of the cost? Do you start seeing dollar signs in your eyes? If so then you’re […]

Everything you need to know about Access Control Systems

Locks and keys are fast becoming outdated as companies, hotels, and homeowners turn to access control systems.  The benefits of opting for the best system suited to your needs far outweigh the initial outlay of installing one. Besides protecting from a physical right of entry, access control system also helps protect data. Drawbacks of using […]

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