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Four Hidden Benefits of Home Security Cameras

Commercial and residential camera security solutions has become big business in recent years.  Some people know them as burglar alarm systems, but professionally, they are known as security and surveillance solutions. Whereas businesses have budgeted for this type of security for decades, more and more homeowners are taking advantage of surveillance technology that makes home protection affordable and easy.  An increasing demand for surveillance has left consumers seeking out ways to record what happens when they are away from their homes, at work or on vacation.  Now, technology allows for homeowners, even on a modest budget, to watch their home’s video surveillance footage anywhere, anytime, through an application on a mobile device.  This type of powerful technology has never been so widely used by the general public.

The main benefit is clear – an added layer of protection against neighborhood crime.  We all want to protect our families, and video surveillance footage helps do just that, giving notifications of intruders around your home, recording the faces of those who enter your home, and recording events that happen around your property, providing evidence in the event a criminal damages your property.   Additional benefits result when you install a home security camera surveillance system, some you might not have considered.

  1. Know when a package arrives. People are using the internet to make more purchases, and that means more home delivery.  In some neighborhoods, reports of theft of boxes from porches is common.  With security cameras, you can know when your product arrives.  This gives you the opportunity to bring it inside as soon as you are able.  Your package will be safe from potential thieves, the elements, and snooping animals.
  2. Catch cute critters! On the internet, people have made a trend of posting animals caught on camera by their digital security systems.  These systems are designed to alert users of any movement outside their home, including animals.  A resident of Pinecrest, Florida said she was relieved to find out the person who had been tampering with her trash was nothing more than a racoon.  She said she laughed when she put it together and sent a picture of the rascal to her grandchildren.  If a bear’s ringing your doorbell, you will want to know before you answer it!
  3. Record events and weather conditions. With the ability to record footage, you can really record anything in the camera’s view.  One customer had success using the footage to support a claim for her insurance after a storm damaged some siding.  When she furnished the pictures of large branches blowing outside her home, her case was proven.
  4. Help your community. Many stories have been shared of community watch groups and friendly neighbors who save the day with their home surveillance footage software.  Burglars study their victims, so they may not choose your home knowing that there is security on the premises.  And when it doesn’t stop them from entering a neighbor’s property, you can use the footage on your camera to be a good Samaritan.  Granted, this isn’t for everybody, and every person should take his own security seriously.  Yet, it’s nice to know that good neighbors are out there, too.

Home security surveillance systems add a layer of protection to your home using video camera technology.  Although it is powerful equipment for serious use, it provides some fun as well, which is never a bad thing.

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