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Risk Management: Why You Need a Paging System

Companies need to consider a paging system.  In today’s world of rapid-fire technology, companies often depend on mobile devices and communications to deliver internal messages quickly.  It is easy and fast to send a group text to communicate message like, “There’s cake in the break room for Holly’s birthday.”  If you miss it, no big deal – You can grab a piece later.  However, business owners and managers need to ask themselves: What if it were something more urgent? Risk managers know that limiting liability often involves preparing for the worst, and hoping it never happens.  Intercom systems are a powerful security tool in those cases.

Imagine example a retail store filled with hundreds of shoppers around the holidays.  You can use your intercom or paging system to play festive music for the shoppers.  Clerks can call for a manager when stationed at the cash register.  All daily operations under control – until a child is found crying for his lost mother.  The child knows his mom’s phone number, but she doesn’t answer.  When your staff uses the paging system to call for the mother, they see a relieved mom rushing up moments later.  That is the power of the paging system.  Any alert that needs to go out to all occupants of space is received by listeners.  There is a reason why paging systems are still popular in arenas that require higher security and smooth operations like libraries, churches, hospitals, and schools.  It is because they work.

A problem with some paging systems in such agencies, even in retail, is that these systems are older and do not work as well as today’s digital technology.   Businesses or agencies that already have a paging system in their vicinity need to evaluate if it truly is audible to everyone or if time has been made the system sound “fuzzy.”  Businesses and agencies in new construction need a page delivery system should consult a representative from Pogo Security as soon as possible.  Paging systems can be installed before or after construction of new buildings.

The intercom system installation process is simple.  A representative will work with you find the best technology for your needs.  You may only one speaker or enough to outfit a multilevel building.  Schools may need a central paging point and hospitals may need several.  Paging systems can even be integrated into telephone systems so that the phone acts the paging device microphone.

Paging systems make things run well on a great day.  They save lives on a bad one.  The benefits of such systems include the ability to play music, make announcements, and broadcast sales while you have people in the immediate area.  Take your risk management seriously and install a paging system today.

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