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Intercom & Paging Systems


Pogo Intercom & Paging Systems is a leading supplier for both wired and wireless intercom and paging communications systems also.

From simple announcement microphone setups to more complex communications products, we can provide you with the right solution to help maximize your productivity.

Using quality products from Top Brand names, Pogo Intercom & Paging Systems specializes in grocery store intercom systems. We can provide single line in-store paging systems and multi-line communications between internal departments, the warehouse, loading docks and checkout stands to help you improve efficiency in operating your business.

With state of the art technologies now more affordable than ever, communications with video intercoms are becoming more common. These systems can be interchanged with standard intercom products to provide maximum flexibility.

Pogo Intercom & Paging Systems will survey your site to see what products or combination of products will serve you best. Additionally, we can evaluate your existing sound system and determine if any modifications or upgrades are necessary for it to be fully functional with a new intercom system.

Pogo Intercom & Paging Systems has repaired, upgraded and installed new intercom products in supermarkets, fuel stations, C-stores, garden & nursery facilities and more. Contact us today to discuss your communications needs and we'll provide you with a Simple Solution and Guaranteed Performance.

Benefits of a Cohesive Intercom Paging System

An intercom and paging system has become a common feature in many businesses, commercial complexes, schools, hospitals and residential areas. It is essential in any premises where a public means of communication is required. Intercom and paging are two separate aspects, each with their own functionality. They are often clubbed together as their usages are so linked with each other but it is also possible to have one without the other. Paging is a one way communication method through which public addresses or announcements can be made, such as are often heard in supermarkets, schools and airports, while an intercom is a means of end to end telecommunications between two specific parties.

A system of intercoms, speakers and paging installations allows the communication between the different parts of the building or business to run smoothly. One cohesive package offers many benefits for the customer. It allows the communication lines to be streamlined so that each department has their own individual means of communication through the intercoms; but there is also a universal paging system in case of mass announcements. This enhances the efficiency of the business and really helps to make telecommunications within the complex as useful and effective as possible. The level of immersion offered in unmatched and is something that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

There are many different types of telecommunication systems available and companies will usually offer customized systems according to the specific requirements of the buyer. State of the art technologies are now available at cost effective prices. These are a really value for money investment because the time and money they save from the communication and data transmission point of view, especially in larger premises, makes up for the initial installation cost.

There are many specific uses of this kind of communication system. When installed at gates and doors it can serve as a lock-in mechanism, especially when video and audio surveillance is also equipped. It can help different departments’ communication and can create a smooth line of communication from the warehouse to the checkout counter, resulting in minimal errors and maximum efficiency. The audio/video technology that is often added to intercom systems also serves a security and surveillance purpose and can be an excellent means of maintaining access control in smaller companies and premises.

While individual telephones and solitary paging devices may work for business at a very small scale, a growing company can really benefit from an integrated paging, intercom and communication system designed by a reliable retailer. Rather than being constantly interrupted by internal phone-calls, which might also hog company lines away from important client calls, the paging system allows mass announcements or department specific announcements to be made. On the other hand, the existence of an internal intercom system with multi-level connectivity allows multiple calls to be put through without disrupting the flow of the business. Specific codes are provided to ensure that only employees access and use these internal lines of communication.

Pogo Intercoms and Paging Systems is a top provider of high quality, customized intercom paging system options for different kinds of premises.



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