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Buying Security Cameras For Your Office

Living in 2019, the need for campaigning the importance of security cameras in the office environment is non-existent. Every business of whichever caliber is going to invest in cameras as a primary source of surveillance security. But is buying a surveillance camera and connecting it to the hub all that will matter to security, there are even more things you need to look into while buying the security camera to make sure of it to last ages and be reliable in terms of quality video and long-term storage.

Resolution: The number of pixels that is captured in every frame of the video is the resolution of the camera that translates to the clarity of the video. The usual resolution is 720p, which is a little substandard. 1080p would suffice most use case scenarios outputting enough detail even when zoomed.

Field of View: It is an area which camera covers from its static position. The field of view needs to be wide to cover a larger area with a single security camera. The usual field of view represented in angle is about 70 to 85degrees.

Rotatability and Zooming Capabilities: Based on your needs, you can choose the automatic panning cameras, remote controlled panning, or zoomable cameras when you are monitoring a large area.

Night View Capability: Being an office camera it must capture during the inactive times too when the possibility of theft is high. The capability to record in the darkest scenario is given in units of Lux. Zero lux means it can shoot even in the pitch dark.

Motion Sensing Capability: Some modern cameras are capable of motion detection natively than in the DVR, which is more reliable. Such a feature can be used as a trigger for alarms or pushing warning messages to the owner.

Camera Ratings: If the security camera you are going to buy will be placed outdoors or in the kitchen check for its ratings of operating temperature, water resistance, etc. to know its capabilities to suit your need.

Size of the Camera: While the size of the camera is not of much importance, make sure they fit in the location. Some zoom and tilt models are heavy and large. There are also tiny cameras that can hide its presence in plain sight.

DVR: This is where experts like Pogo Security makes the customization. The storage space that matters for the duration of recordings to be stored and the recording frequency based on FPS and motion detection can only be set here. Find a DVR that is capable of all the features you are looking for to make your security cameras future proof.

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