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Does home automation increase home value?

Home automation does increase home value. As time goes on, buyer’s expectations for a home and apartment changes. While first-time home buyers are generally just happy for going into the market, more and more seasoned buyers are looking to have smart home functionality in the next home they purchase. They start asking questions about smart wiring, technology and the home automation.

If you have a home equipped with smart tech, you can easily raise your asking price and sell it faster than other buyers. It’s always advisable to work with a licensed real estate agent so you can be sure your price fall within the market value.

You need to start considering just how important to home buyers are features like data points, house wiring, and fast internet connectivity? And can such technological advancement raise the value of your property? Just think of yourself walking into your home on a dark winter’s evening, and by just saying the word “lights,” your home is suddenly lit up in an instant.

What if adding such advancements increase the value of your home and make it suitable for future buyers? Let’s look at some possible ways by which home automation can possibly impact the value of your home and whether it’s a suitable option for you.

  • Home Security Systems: Some home buyers have always had their security as their number one priority. This is very common with those looking to purchase homes in the high-end Renters are not left out, they look for properties with security systems and cameras to enhance the safety of their home. While renters are demanding such technologies from a home, property investors are also taking into consideration the property they buy for their businesses.
  • Smart Home Technologies: We’ve all seen several different home security technologies and how they are highly needed by different home buyers. Some of the features that can highly impact your home value and most home buyers are interested in are,
  • High-speed internet connectivity
  • Good multi-room stereo and speaker system
  • In and outdoor television
  • Automatic blinds and garage doors.
  • Increasing Demand For Home Automation: With the coming of the new generation, we see an increasing demand for home automation. Millennials are known to be much comfortable with technology so they often have a different needs and request from a home. I see most people requesting to have the ability to control their home’s technology from their smartphones. A system where a whole home automation is controlled from one device.

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