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The Holidays are Coming so Stay on Alert with Home Security

November has come, and we are excited to get ready for the holidays.  Before you know it, we will be sitting down to a Thanksgiving Dinner with our family and friends at our sides.  The air seems to remain filled with scents of cinnamon, nutmeg, and pumpkin pie.  This time of year brings us together […]

Discover the Benefits of Home Security Camera Systems

home security CCTV camera systems

Home Security is a growing industry throughout Florida cities like Miami Lakes, West Palm Beach, and Pinecrest.  For many reasons, people are interested in securing their residential properties.  Whereas some homes are already protected by security gates that limit who may enter a subdivision, many homeowners believe, and rightfully so, that this may not be […]

Public Spaces Should Absolutely Use Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) Security

CCTV security system

Many government and public institutions have depended on the general good of the public to maintain public spaces.  Decades ago, this largely worked.  People believed public buildings were to be shared all by citizens, and so citizens respected these spaces.  They even volunteered to preserve the spaces. Today’s society is different.  Many people are tired […]

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