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The Holidays are Coming so Stay on Alert with Home Security

November has come, and we are excited to get ready for the holidays.  Before you know it, we will be sitting down to a Thanksgiving Dinner with our family and friends at our sides.  The air seems to remain filled with scents of cinnamon, nutmeg, and pumpkin pie.  This time of year brings us together to think about gratitude and celebrate abundance.

As part of the holiday season festivities, many families have made traditions that put themselves at an increased risk for crime.  Traveling, purchasing big ticket household items, and erratic schedules throw off your routine, giving criminals opportune time to act.

Here are some things to really think about this holiday season before making plans.

Thanksgiving travel can be a lot of fun.  We get to our Miami, Miami Lakes, and Pinecrest homes behind for awhile and visit with friends and family across the world.  Our neighbors travel far and wide to embrace their loved ones, from Cuba to Alaska, from West Palm Beach to Japan.  Travel puts you at increased risk for a break in as those who regularly scout a neighborhood may be aware of your absence.  Be sure to take measures to protect yourself.

If nobody is visiting the home, it will clearly look unoccupied for a week.  We recommend asking a trustworthy friend or neighbor to come by and feed the fish, water the plants, or spend some time with the cat so that it appears someone is home.  If someone can stay full time at your house, even better.  Many young relatives would love to have a house to themselves for a week, so choose someone you trust and offer them the chance to crash at your place for a week.  Stock up on snacks and let them know they have full reign of the entertainment system.  All they have to do is grab the mail once a day.  That’s a good deal!

Another way to protect your property while traveling is to invest in home security equipment.

CCTV security systems and burglar alarm systems offer additional protection to families looking to secure their homes during elevated instances of crime.  You never know when crime will strike, but you can always take caution.  CCTV security systems and burglar alarm systems are believed to stop criminals, help in police investigations, and protect lives.

Today’s CCTV security systems safeguard Miami families in compiling video footage of what happens at home.  Today’s technology is digital, and footage is available for watching on smart phones. As it gets dark earlier, be sure to think about motion detector lighting or buying cameras capable of recording in the dark using night vision technology.  Burglar alarm systems can notify the police if someone breaks into a property even if nobody is home.

Stay safe this holiday season.  To learn more about burglar alarm systems and CCTV security systems, get in touch with Miami-based Pogo Security now.

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