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Public Spaces Should Absolutely Use Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) Security

CCTV security system

Many government and public institutions have depended on the general good of the public to maintain public spaces.  Decades ago, this largely worked.  People believed public buildings were to be shared all by citizens, and so citizens respected these spaces.  They even volunteered to preserve the spaces.

Today’s society is different.  Many people are tired of paying for the repair of public buildings that the general citizens do not treat correctly.  Others are frustrated with the vandalism, violence, and theft that occur in places once believed to be protected from most harm.  From post offices to libraries, CCTV can be a gamechanger in preventing these terrible occurrences.  Public servants throughout Florida should ensure their budgets allow for a risk management plan that includes the usage of Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV).  It is an investment that citizens will be proud to have installed in their public facilities.  The following facilities should protect themselves with this technology:

  1. Public Libraries – Libraries are special places. They are where families come to borrow books so that they can grow as intellectuals.  The library systems have a rich history in helping students and fostering a community spirit.  Once filled only with books and a card catalogue system, they are now filled with that and more.   Libraries house expensive and valuable technology like computers, scanners, cameras, laptops, DVDs, and other office equipment.  The library system has an obligation to protect this equipment so that the public can use it with easy access.  In order to protect the equipment, and the citizens using the library, the CCTV security system provides surveillance so that security can be alert for any type of theft, vandalism, or violent situation.
  2. Schools – More and more people are talking about keeping schools safe for the student body. School administrators can develop a full security plan that includes drills, safety procedures, secure entrances and exits, student and staff identification, and CCTV security.  The main entrance, at minimum, should have a CCTV system to track who enters and exits the building.  If the budget permits, it is recommended to maintain adequate video surveillance at all doors and in the hallways.  This means that security can be observed by a central point person so that the school is safer for all inside.
  3. Municipal Offices – Local government offices can take advantage of CCTV systems as much as schools or libraries, both inside and outside of their facilities. Government facilities need to ensure that citizens respect their buildings, and due to responsible funding efforts, they often do not hire additional security, preferring instead to rely on local police.  From city parks to county courts, this added level of security never goes unnoticed by those who enter, demanding more responsibility for proper behavior while on the premises.

Residents appreciate feeling safe in their communities.  If they know that the powers that be take this seriously, they will have more confidence in their elected officials.  Consider installing a CCTV security system today, available not only for public spaces but also residences and homes.

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