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home security CCTV camera systems

Home Security is a growing industry throughout Florida cities like Miami Lakes, West Palm Beach, and Pinecrest.  For many reasons, people are interested in securing their residential properties.  Whereas some homes are already protected by security gates that limit who may enter a subdivision, many homeowners believe, and rightfully so, that this may not be adequate security.  For example, if somebody is able to bypass this checkpoint, the properties are still at risk.  Worse, perhaps a neighbor could be the culprit in a criminal incident.  For this reason, Florida families are installing home security CCTV camera systems.

The reason to install a closed-circuit camera system is obvious: it adds a layer of protection which combats neighborhood crime.  Protecting families is important, and video surveillance footage helps accomplish this, providing alerts of intruders around your property, recording who enters your home.  Surveillance systems likewise record events that happen around your home, furnishing evidence in the event a thief attempts to enter your property.   Other benefits occur when a homeowner installs a home security camera surveillance system:

  • Keep Track of The Home’s Exterior. Using the recorded footage of a home’s exterior, it is possible to track anything that happens outside of a home.  Homeowners can truly record whatever is in the camera’s view.  Some customers have found success submitting the Closed-circuit security camera footage to insurance companies to file claims.
  • Keep a Safer Community. Home surveillance footage software can be used to help a neighbor.  It is well known that thieves watch properties before breaking and entering.  These criminals may not elect to break into a house that is monitored, by they may choose a neighbor.  However, in some cases, cameras on a neighboring home may still catch a criminal in the act.  This provides footage to be used as evidence in a neighbor’s case.  Although this is not the case for every community, it is nice to know that it may be possible to lend a helping hand.
  • Track Package Arrival. Home shopping using the internet is growing in popularity.  Today, families can used security cameras to know when a package arrives and who picks up the package.  For example, if a package arrives on your doorstep, the monitor may alert you that someone is on the property.  A quick call home can ensure that somebody picks up the package so it doesn’t sit outside too long.  In the event somebody steals a package, the security cameras, will show when the crime occurred and who the culprit is.
  • Know what is Going On! One resident of Pinecrest, Florida told us that she was relieved to find out the person who had been messing with her garbage cans wasn’t a stalker, but actually a racoon.  She was scared somebody was attempting to find something in her trash, like credit card information, but instead it was a woodland creature looking for some treats.  She would have never known it had not been for her home CCTV security system.

Home security surveillance systems provide additional protection to your home through video camera technology.  Contact Pogo Security to learn more about how to protect your home.

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