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Uses and Functions of Intercom System in Residential and Commercial Buildings

The Intercom system has gone from the mere two-way communication system to include many features and technological features that are improving its functionality. The two-sided nature of the intercom systems has opened the door for many uses of the system beyond its traditional function.

Some common uses of the Intercom system

There are now many uses of Intercom systems in residential and commercial buildings. Below are some of those uses.

Door Communication

Door communication is one of the most common uses of the intercom system. It provides an opportunity where people who are looking to enter into a house or an office can communicate with someone on the other end so that the homeowner and business owners can identify the person that is seeking to gain entrance. The intercom system provides a platform where a visitor can engage with the owner of the building to deliver information when physical contact is not needed.

Access Control and Security

There is a growing security use of intercom system in residential and commercial buildings. Rather than just communicate with the other person at the door, intercom systems now have security features. An example is the incorporation of video with the traditional audio functionality. Secondly, intercom systems are used in connection with various access control systems to ensure that only authorized people can gain entrance into a building.

Intra-building Communication

Intra-building communication is another way people are deploying intercom system in residential and commercial buildings. Intercom systems can be used to communicate across different floors, levels, and sections of a building. Some intercom systems have the speed dial function that even allows you to get across to a particular unit within that building. You can also use it in large residential houses.

Emergency Communication

Intercoms systems in residential and commercial buildings can help to communicate emergencies quickly. Emergencies in public places are more easily communicated through an intercom system rather than a personalized phone communication where you might not know the phone number of the people in charge of that space.

Benefits of Intercom systems for residential and commercial uses

Some of the benefits that come from using an intercom system include:

Comfort and Convenience

Instead of going out to answer the door every time someone is there, an intercom system makes it possible for you to identify who is there and to grant access to the person or otherwise.

In like manner, intercom systems make intra-building communication easier, and you don’t have to move from place to place before making official communication (in the case of commercial buildings) or standard communication within your home

Increased Security

The security features that are integrated into the intercom systems come in handy. With the integrated access control system, your buildings are more secured.

Reduced Cost

Intercoms systems have low maintenance cost which makes them a great option for intra-building communication. The presence of wireless intercom systems also makes even set-up cost very low compared to the lifetime benefits.

Efficiency and productivity

Better workplace communication leads to a more efficient and productive workforce.


Intercom systems for residential and commercial purposes are always advancing in their technology. Now there are wireless intercoms,they are integrating smartphones into the system, and we can only expect more and more.

It is high time you installed your intercom system for residential and commercial use and derive maximum benefits.

POGO Security is only one call away. We will provide you with excellent intercom systems installation that will meet your needs for years to come.

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