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People Can Have Home Security Packages like in the Movies

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Hollywood blockbusters often give us a sneak peak into what the future of technology holds.  Many superhero and spy movies feature dashing scenes of bold heroes breaching security systems – a feat that’s nearly impossible in reality.  Others show how these systems work exactly as designed, emitting calls for help just in time to foil the movie’s dangerous villain.  We have fond memories of James Bond-types cutting glass and dropping down on a rope to obtain a precious jewel.  Some even remember Indiana Jones-types who dodged a plethora of alarms and boobytraps to cross a dangerous threshold.  From laser beams to silent alarms, the silver screen’s presentation portrays this high-security equipment as something expensive and exclusive.  Yet, most of it is currently available to the everyday person for both commercial and residential use.

High-grade security system equipment is available in a wide variety of forms, for both businesses and homes.  Security solutions companies provide many different types of packages, with varying levels of security, at many different price points.  From corner stores to casinos, Miami-area businesses count on local security experts to provide the best in burglar alarm systems and other security technology.  Common clients of security systems and closed-circuit television security packages include schools, hospitals, airports, courts, public buildings, warehouses, small business, hotels, and restaurants.  These organizations install high-grade security equipment to mitigate risk.

In homes, on the other hand, Florida families elect to install burglar alarm system to protect their families.  These packages fit many different budgets.  Residential equipment can provide peace of mind.  Commercial-grade equipment lasts longer and offers more extensive features, often like those seen on the big screen.  Families with a large enough budget opt for these specialized systems as they are known to provide even more security than the average residential system. Although it is better to have some security features rather than none, security specialists often recommend purchasing the best system available in the price range that is affordable for the family.

What are some features of today’s burglar alarm systems?

  • Biometric Capabilities – Old spy movies show computers reading thumbprints and scanning irises to determine who has access and who is a threat. Today, that’s a reality!  Many alarm systems require biometric information to arm or disarm the system.
  • Alerting the Authorities – A common trope on television is criminals getting caught thanks to a “silent alarm,” another option available to today’s consumers. Alarm systems can be programmed in many areas to contact the police department if the alarm is triggered.  Smoke detectors trigger the fire alarm that alerts the fire department of an emergency.
  • Full Package Support – In the movies, we often see full security packages that include motion detection lights and security cameras linked to a closed-circuit television recording device. Many families invest in this technology, although others prefer to keep their security solutions simple.

Security systems equipment is no longer difficult nor expensive to install.  Contact Pogo Security for more information about burglar alarm systems today.

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