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How to Protect a Retail Store from Criminal Activity

security camera systems

Crime is a constant threat to retail stores in a variety of forms.  For example, criminals may enter the store to rob a cash register, possibly armed.  In other cases, customers steal product by consuming it in the store or hiding it on their person.  Even employees can be criminals, stealing money directly from the cash register.  These crimes are not only wrong, but they lead to financial loss for the store.  Stolen product goes unpaid.  Missing money cannot be easily returned.  Rather than accept loss, store owners can actively combat it as part of their risk management plan.

Security measures are common at big box and well-established retailers because they know how to protect themselves and create a budget to do so.  In their eyes, it is more cost effective to install security equipment and create appropriate protocol than it is to accept the financial loss.  These security installations come in a variety of forms ranging from security guards to motion detecting lights, from burglar alarms to security camera systems.  These installations are commonly used in Pinecrest and other Miami-area businesses.

  1. CCTV security systems
    CCTV security systems
    consist of at least one camera, if not several, connected to a recording device which provides playback of recorded footage if necessary. Some stores place the monitoring equipment, such as a television screen, in a place that is visible to customers so they are aware they are being recorded, deterring crime.  Others notify the customers at the entrance but do not display the monitors.  Today’s digital closed-circuit television systems can record hours, days, and weeks of happenings in case a crime occurs.  Some have 360 degree recording capability and others are capable of recording in the dark thanks to night vision features.  No matter what the business needs, options are available for any project at a variety of price points.
  2. Burglar Alarm Systems
    A burglar alarm system requires an access point using the keypad or biometrics to secure or arm the retail store. While the store is open, users disarm the system.  It can, however, be triggered by several parameters such as the activation of a fire alarm.  When activated, the police and assigned contacts are notified of unauthorized entry. In conjunction with burglar systems, Florida businesses can use alarm systems that notify shoppers and staff when someone attempts to leave with a tagged product using hard tags.

Pogo Security is one of the top security service providers in Miami.  The firm knows what it takes to prevent crime in retail stores as well as on residential properties.  To learn more, contact a service representative today.

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