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Go Green! Make the right move, and automate your lighting system

Automatic lighting is popular for homes and businesses these days for three main reasons.  They provide security.  They save energy.  They save money.

With today’s advanced technology, basically any light source can be automated.  Light sensors can provide motion-activated security lighting solutions in or outside of a business.  Outside of the business, you can install automated or movement-activated lighting anywhere from the parking lot, to the entrance, to the dumpster in the alley.  You may need lighting that operates on a schedule, especially if you have high-volume traffic in the early morning, evening, or night time hours.  Sensors can be installed the react to movement to bring attention to your business if someone gets too close to it in the dark.  The light activates, letting the potential criminal know that the place is monitored, hopefully deterring him.  If a crime does occur in, near, or on your property, proper lighting can ensure possible witnesses and that standard camera systems are able to record footage of the crime which might be used as evidence in your case with the law and with insurance should the need arise.  Automated lighting is a simple tool with a lot of payoff.  Using multiple components for security beats your average burglar alarm system.

Automated lighting, set by timer or by movement, reduces energy.  Many business owners today provide themselves on minimizing their impact on the environment.  Using less energy saves valuable resources for our planet.  Many customers have come to prefer businesses that operate with this mindset, giving you the opportunity to make a connection with a customer over a similar line of thinking.  You can use less light on warm, sunny days, reducing the overall temperature inside your store so there is less demand on air-conditioning.  Many large retailers, schools, and environmentally conscious businesses have gone this route as part of their risk protection plan.

By extension, less energy used means less energy costs.  Automated lighting can ensure lights are low when you do not need them, saving electricity but also lowering climate control costs.  Less light usage lowers the electricity bill as well.  These costs can be better invested in your business.  Even by providing security using automated lights, you reduce your liability risks with the added level of security.  That adds to your company’s bottom line as well.

Automated lighted technology is becoming more and more popular.  Agencies around the Miami area are using Pogo Security’s home automation alongside security surveillance features to ensure their property is protected, efficient, and comfortable.

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