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Beyond the era of dogs: Why a Burglar Alarm System is the new normal


A Burglar alarm system is no longer within the preview of the wealthy and the influential. It is fast becoming a necessity for every home irrespective of the social status of the occupants.

In years past, many households depended on dogs to act as their security alert in the cases of burglary. These dogs are well trained to discover cases of a security breach and their noise can awaken the owners and neighbors to the security situation.

The Necessity of a Burglar Alarm System

However, using dogs as a means of security is not sufficient.

For one reason, the barking of a dog cannot always be assumed to be a security alert. Consequently, there will be many times they will bark when it is not related to security creating unnecessary disturbances.

Similarly, dogs can become violent to visitors who have no negative intention. They might not have the sophistication to know the difference.

Furthermore, some burglars can easily silence the dog and harm your pet. Dogs can’t anticipate security problems. When no one is in the house or the neighborhood, a barking dog is useless since it cannot call for help or inform security.

Consequently, using a dog, while it is good and advantageous cannot offer a complete security package since it has many limitations.

Why you need Burglar Alarm System

A burglar alarm system, on the other hand, will notify you when there are potential security threats to your property.

The burglar alarm system provides 24 hours, seven days monitoring, meaning you get a notification anytime you are in risk. Also, there are burglar alarm systems that have remote signaling. Remote signaling means the system notifies the closest security authorities whenever there is a security breach. This is especially useful in places with high-security risks.

The presence of a burglar alarm system can deter possible crime. When a burglar sets off the alarm, it is harder for him to be confident going through with his operations. Therefore, a burglar alarm system is a deterrent to crime. Unwanted intruders can be scared off, and those who intend on going through with the operation can be more easily nabbed.

Choosing the right burglar alarm system

A good burglar alarm system provider will offer you a customized rather than a generic alarm system. Needs differ; especially based on location. Some locations are high risk while others are low risks.

It is therefore important that the security system provider understands your unique needs and offer customized solutions that will improve your security and safety.

At POGO Security Intelligent Systems, we offer custom security solutions well adapted to your needs. We have four grades of the burglar alarm system, and you get to choose the one you need. We provide the remote signaling option and the audible alarms option; ensuring that your burglar alarm system meets the security situation of your location.


Owning a dog is no longer a sufficient security measure. A burglar alarm system will help you sleep confidently at night in a way that a dog will not.

It is no longer a solution for the wealthy; it is a must for every property and homeowner.

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