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Better Safe than Sorry with a July Homecare Checklist

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Summer Cleaning means it’s time to spruce up the old abode.  Now may be the right time to buy an intercom system in Florida, for example.  Annual milestones keep us on track.

Not all households operate like this, though.  Many people do just fine banking on what we like to call “the wait and see model.”  What’s the wait and see model?  It’s how we in the security business describe people who are afraid to invest in security equipment.  They rather “wait and see.”  In other words, some people rely on a reactionary way of living.  This is somebody who doesn’t check smoke detector batteries when the clocks roll back or forward.  Instead, these people wait until the detector chirps because the battery is dying.  Some people rip that old detector off the wall and wait weeks (or longer!) to get a new battery.  Sure, the chance of fire is low.  However, it’s never zero.  That’s a big risk, all things considered.

To combat this type of behavior, you should consider making checklists to help you stay on top of your household and business tasks.  If you don’t have these items on a to-do list yet, now’s the time to get to it.

  1. Fire Extinguishers – Did you know that fire extinguishers expire?  Check out your extinguishers to make sure they are still good.  Some can be serviced.  Others need to be replaced.  Consult your local fire department or a private company for assistance on keeping your fire extinguishers ready.  Don’t have a fire extinguisher?  Why not!?
  2. Smoke Detectors – We keep hinting at it.  Now we’re going to spell it out.  Have you checked your smoke detectors recently?  You can’t take this for granted.  One tip?  Consider having them wired into your burglar alarm system in Key Biscayne so that if they sound, 911 is dialed automatically.  When dealing with fire, every minute counts.  If the fire department is alerted as soon as the alarm sounds, they will arrive more quickly.  This means they can save lives and start to contain the blaze.
  3. Security Inventory – Make a list of everything that’s a threat.  If you have a dark alley behind your house, you may need additional lighting.  If you have a lot of packages delivered, maybe security cameras in Pinecrest are a good idea.  If you leave your house empty for days a time, you definitely should invest in a Florida burglar alarm system.  Make a list, and contact a security professional. 

You need to be prepared for anything these days.  Don’t “wait and see.”  Take charge and reduce risk wherever you can.  Contact POGO Security today for other safety tips.

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