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Why You Need A Door Access Control System For Your Business

A door access control entails the combination of software and hardware that control the opening and closing of door. Generally, these devices are set to deny or allow entry access based on preset requirements.

We’re in a world where security needs are ever changing and evolving. Door access control systems and keyless entry are becoming very common for business managers, property managers,and building owners. This control systems provide people secure and safe access to their building and interior offices.

Most of the times, business owners realized the fact that they have a problem and they wish to make thing better. All they need to do is realize that the answer to their question lies in access control.

So, want to know why your business needs access control? Some of the reasons are listed below.

Minimize Employee Theft: No one can take it to realize that their employees steal from them. And yet, a research shows that over 75% of employees will steal from their employers at least once. Though theft can’t be completely prevented by access control, it can definitely reduce it by prohibiting employees from accessing the building during off-hours or outside their working shifts.

Random Access of the Building:Access control prevent people from randomly accessing the building without your knowledge. It’s obviously not a good idea to let your employees, customers,and vendors to have access to the building at any time. Having unmonitored activities in your business might lead to several issues. We’ve heard from frustrated business owners who let employees have access to the building at night or weekends without their knowledge.

Prevent Employee Negligence: Although no one would intentionally forget to lock the door, it happens to every one of us. The problem is, it can be a risk to your employees, your property, and assets. Letting such an important task to the memory of people might be a potential harm on your business.

Rekeying doors is expensive: It is either someone lost their keys or an employee got fired and they forgot to give their keys back. You are required to always rekey the doors to keep your business safe. The problem with rekeying is the cost. Not only is the process expensive, it can as well be a hassle to redistribute keys to the various team members.

Increased Automation: Most businesses use access control systems because they want their doors to automatically open at 9 a.m. and lock at 5 p.m. or any of their specified time frame. Taking is step like this can significantly reduce hassle and headache for most business owners. If you want to take it further, you have the ability to merge your lights and temperature into your access control system. This way, lighting, heating and, and air can turn on and off at the required time frame.

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