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Why have access controls replaced locks

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Locks were traditionally used to secure houses. But with time, locks were replaced by access control systems for various reasons-
Locks have a certain shelf life
The primary disadvantage of locks is that every lock has a shelf life. Depending on the quality of the lock, the prices vary. Using metal locks can get rusted after a few months of usage, especially if the climate is humid or cold. Unlike locks, access control systems have a longer shelf- life, and there is no fear of rust. This is why more and more people are shifting to Access Control Systems these days.
• Locks can easily tamper.
Another big disadvantage of using locks is that they can be easily tampered with. Some thieves specialize in opening these metal locks. They can open these locks using a hairpin. Access controls can’t be tampered with. Pogo Security can also design password-driven access control systems with a unique password. These locks can also be programmed according to the client’s preference. For example, if the password is entered wrongly, these access control locks can be programmed to self-lock if tampered with. This saves your house from theft or intrusion.

• Losing the keys can cause a lot of hassles.
Many of us have faced incidents when we forget our keys inside the car or in the house. We tend to self-lock ourselves outside our house. Pogo Securities have designed access control in a way that completely is based on Home Automation. You can control the access using a Smartphone. This allows you to change the password and also allows you to lock or open the door when you don’t have the card handy.

• Multiple keys to a lock can increase the risk of theft and robbery
The best part of access control is you don’t have to keep track of the keys. The passwords can be changed whenever you feel the access is with someone who does not belong to the particular house. You can change the access password. The card need not be replaced.

• Conclusion
Access controls have surprisingly replaced locks because access controls cannot be easily tampered with. You don’t need to keep track of the keys. Most importantly, you can change the access control whenever you feel necessary without replacing the card. It saves money and hassles. If you wish to install an access control system in your home or workspace, you can contact professionals from Pogo Security.

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