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When to Invest in an Access Control for your Business in Florida?

Access Control System in Florida

Comprehensive security systems and extra safety precautions would be ideal, but in reality, break-ins and burglaries cost Florida businesses a lot of money each year. Although most break-ins occur at night, when security cameras and alarm systems can help, commercial break-ins during the day are on the rise.

Because crime can occur at any time of day or night, it is never too early to install an Access Control System in Florida and protect your business and employees.

Advantages of access control systems for your company:

Internal Movement should be monitored and audited.

Controlling who enters your property can greatly reduce crime by those unrelated to your business, but being able to track employee location within your company can also help keep your company secure.

Add Protection to Restricted Areas

Lock all doors and windows with an Access Control System that requires an ID tag to gain entry. This allows you to restrict lift access or sensitive areas to a small group of employees rather than the entire company.

No need to change the locks.

Changing physical locks every time an employee leaves the company or when keys and ID badges are misplaced can become tedious and expensive over time. With the simple access control system, you can quickly keep track of any employee leaving the company or those who have misplaced their badge without having to change locks.

Grant Access to Multiple Business Locations

Managing multiple business locations may appear to be a daunting task, but with an access control system that includes an easy-to-use unified management system, you’ll have total control over your business from a single location.

It’s Never Too Soon to Invest in Additional Company Security

When it comes to the safety and security of your employees and business, Pogo Security’s access control system is the smart choice.

As a standalone security feature, an access control system can be a great addition to any business. When combined with other features, it can become a comprehensive security ecosystem designed to keep your business safe from theft, burglary, and vandalism at all times. Please contact us at 1800-764-6369 or fill out the contact form to learn more.

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