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What makes a great sound system?

There are many places and contexts where a great sound system is essential. Whether it is audio or a combination of audio and visual, a great sound system is very important in these contexts. Music lovers need a great sound system in their homes. Restaurants and bars need a great sound system to keep their customers engaged. A church needs a good sound system to hold a service. An organization needs it for their conference rooms and meeting rooms.

Politicians need good sound systems for their campaigns. Amusement parks need them for their visitors. We cannot exclude Banquet halls and event centers.

A good audio system makes communication possible and music enjoyable.

Components of a great sound system

Different components make up a sound system, and every component must be at the optimal state for a great end product.

Microphones and audio players

Microphones are the input devices. Microphones translate sound into electrical signals that are then passed on for mixing and amplification before the sound is produced through the speaker. A good microphone has some important qualities.

  • Polar pattern: It must be an Omni-directional microphone that can pick up sound from different angles.
  • Dynamic range: A good microphone will have a great dynamic range so that you don’t lose much information in communication.
  • Frequency Response: A high-frequency response is associated with a good microphone. The better the microphone, the higher the frequency response. The common range is 20Hz to 20kHz


A mixer is also an important component of an audio system. The mixer is part of the processing unit that turns the sound from the microphone to the output in the speaker. It mixes the various audio signals and adjusts their sound quality. So what makes a good mixer?

  • Equalization: A good mixer must have graphic band equalization which helps to adjust sound quality and create a good blend among the audio signals
  • Inputs: A good mixer must have many input channels
  • Pre-amps: A good Mixer must have a quality pre-amps that ensures low noise during the processing of sound
  • Channel Fader: The channel fader adjusts the volume of each audio signal to create the perfect mix at the specified level.


The amplifier takes the processed audio signals and amplifies it to the level where you can hear them through the speakers. What makes a good amplifier?

  • Large signal to noise ratio: A large signal to noise ratio means that the speaker will give more of sound and less of noise
  • Lower THD+N: When the Total Harmonic Distortion + Noise is low, it means the sound produced by the speaker is more reflective of the input from the microphone.
  • Inputs: A good amplifier will have many input channels
  • Power Output: The larger the power output, the louder the speaker will be able to churn out the sound


The speaker is the output device that churns out the processed and amplified sound. A good speaker has certain features:

  • Watts: A good speaker must have enough watts to handle what the amplifier is sending to it.
  • Sensitivity: A higher sensitivity means it can deliver a lot of sound with little power needed from the amplifier.
  • THD+N: Lower THD+N means the sound produced is more reflective of the input from the microphone.
  • Speaker Impedance: It measures the quantity of current the speaker will draw. The lower, the better.


A good sound system is important in various ways. At POGO Security, we understand the importance of a good sound system and are committed to setting them up for all your needs and occasions.

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