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What is VOIP System

Voice Over Internet Protocol System

VOIP system is a way of carrying out phone calls with the use of IP (internet protocol) or even just a standard Internet connection. VOIP enables users to reduce expenses on telephone calls with the presence of a data network source, which is different from the phone company’s network.

The system turns analog audio signals into digital data so that transmission over the Internet becomes possible.

Internet Telephony

It refers to the provision of services such as voice-messaging, fax, and SMS over the Internet. Channel setup, signaling, encoding, and digitization of analog voice signals are involved in originating VOIP telephone calls. The process and principles are similar to those of the traditional digital telephony.

Analog Telephone Adaptor

The most common way to use VOIP system is through an analog telephone adaptor (ATA). It lets you connect a phone to your Internet connection. ATA converts analog signals into digital data and transmit them over the internet.

Computer to Computer

This one’s the easiest way in applying VOIP. It is also very convenient; many companies have been offering low cost software programs that enable you to use this communication mode. Apart from the software, you’ll need a microphone, speakers, and Internet connection.

This system will let you talk to your loved ones or business associates who may be anywhere (with Internet connection) at any time, and throw away all those long distance phone call charges.

IP Phones

Users can directly connect their specialized IP Phones to their router and make an IP call. These phones look like normal phones with buttons and a handset.

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