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What is a 4K Security Cameras System?


The growth in the use of security cameras system is expected to increase, not reduce. A survey reported by the Persistence Market Research expects CAGR of residential use of security cameras to increase to 17.8% by 2025. Investment in security camera for commercial use is expected to climb to $13,100m from $4,456m by 2025. The expectations are relevant, and they are evidence of the increasing use of security cameras system.

As the number of users increases, we expect to see more technological advances in the security cameras market to deliver better value.

The 4K Security Cameras Systems

One of such technological advances is the introduction of the 4K security cameras system. The 4K security cameras system possesses some unique features that make them different from other typical security cameras. The presence of these features is making them more popular and demanded.

Some of the features of the 4K Security cameras system include:

  • IP Surveillance system: The 4K Security cameras System use an IP surveillance system. Instead of cables, video signals are sent from the camera through a network to the Network digital recorder (rather than the digital video recorder). The network can be the Cat 5 or the Cat 6. As a result, the 4K Security Cameras system ensures better video coding and more secure transmission.
  • Eight Megapixel Image Sensors: The image sensor is responsible for converting image signals going into the camera into electronic signals that can be transmitted and transformed into a digital image. The 4K Security Cameras system has a larger sensor than the traditional security cameras
  • 4X Number of Pixels: The 4K Security cameras have four times the number of pixels that the traditional, standard 1080P HD Security camera has.
  • Video Codec: 4K Security cameras system have between 10bit and 12bit of video codec compared to the other standard camera.
  • High Resolution: 4K Security cameras system also have larger resolution going up to 3840*2160

Benefits of the 4K Security Cameras Systems

The extra features that the 4K Security Cameras system possess manifest in the added benefits they bring to the surveillance system. Some of the benefits include:

  • Performs better in low light conditions: As a result of the larger sensor and the other features, the 4K Security Cameras system can deliver better pictures even in low light situations.
  • Better Zoom ability: The 4K Security cameras system offer better zoom ability. You can capture distant objects like cars license plates or the face of someone far away in the background with clarity.
  • Diffraction: With 4K Security cameras, there are lowers diffractions and more clarity in the pictures and footages.
  • Video Compression: The video coding capacity of the 4K Security Cameras system means they can compress videos into a smaller size which is good for the memory unit.
  • Better color and contrast: The cameras also produce better color and contrast than other traditional security cameras
  • Background blur: The ability to blur the background increases with the 4K Security Cameras

Summarily, 4K Security Cameras system offer added advantages that will improve the surveillance system and produce more efficient results

Installing 4K Security Cameras System

POGO Security will help you install the best 4k Security Cameras system to your home, office, stores, and public places. We offer excellent services that are reliable and effective.

Contact us to install your 4k Security Cameras system and enjoy the extra benefits.

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