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Warehouses and Storage Facilities Need CCTV Security Cameras

Closed Circuit Television Security Cameras seem to always make it onto the local news in Miami-Dade.  They aren’t on the news because they are particularly newsworthy on their own. Rather, they are on the news because when crimes occur, the video footage they produce becomes a valuable tool in finding perpetrators and in furnishing evidence against criminals.  Video surveillance footage of people committing crimes help local authorities find and punish lawbreakers.

Throughout Florida, more and more homes and businesses are installing CCTV systems.  Homes are installing CCTV systems to protect their families and their belongings.  Businesses install cameras to safeguard their customers, employees, property, and assets.

One particular type of business really needs CCTV Security Camera Systems, warehouses and storage facilities.  Warehouses and storage facilities are high-risk facilities for several reasons.

  1. Warehouses and Storage Facilities are Large
    Often, these expansive facilities are difficult to patrol quickly on foot. Although staff may be on site and examining the facility often, it is impossible to be in all places at once.  In this case, it may be easier to assign a guard to watch CCTV videos to ensure the scene if safe.  Cameras can be installed in critical points like near entrances and exits, in corners, and near high-security areas like cash registers or safes.  Advanced CCTV systems can be installed in such a way that they give access to the entire facility, drawing on 360-degree technology.  Some cameras are capable of night vision and others of high-quality zoom.  Warehouse and Storage Facility owners should take stock of their needs before calling a security firm.  Once they know the level of protection they need, the security consultant will be able to lay out the best options.
  2. These Facilities Often Store Valuable Equipment
    Large warehouses and storage facilities are hot spots for criminal activity because a lot of expensive or valuable product is maintained in a centralized location. In the event that such a venue is burglarized, it would be easy for thieves to take a lot of product at once.  Some facilities store product belongs to somebody else, making the risk of loss even higher.  Either way, CCTV systems can reduce the risk of theft.  In some cases, even employees may be tempted to steal.  However, most people are less inclined to steal if they know the recording is taking place.
  3. Warehouses and Storage Facilities Can Be Dangerous
    Although not related to crime, necessarily, these types of business can be dangerous. Boxes are stacked high, and technical machinery like forklifts can cause accidents.  When there is an accident, it is very helpful to review the footage of the accident so that blame can be properly assigned.  For example, if the employee stands on a chair and falls when he has been trained to use a latter, the business can use the video footage to show he employee how his choice contributed to the cause of the accident.

Throughout West Palm Beach County and Broward County, POGO Security has been a leader in CCTV installation.  If you need a quote on CCTV installation, get in touch with us today.  We are happy to help.

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