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Various Benefits of Central Vacuum Services for your Home or Business

Central vacuums are more becoming a popular request among Miami Lakes residents when it comes to home automation.  They are more convenient than any mode of vacuuming or sweeping. Rather than lugging a heavy machine around, you can attach a hose and accessories right to the wall which connects to the central vacuum unit.  This type of home technology is great for homes with carpeting, area rugs or hardwood flooring.  It even works on kitchen tile.  You will have the advantage of several tools and attachments to make your cleaning easier than ever. A central vacuum unit is more efficient than a regular vacuum, and in many ways, it is easier to use.  These systems are quite customization, so it is easy to find the right system for you.

Benefits of Installing a Central Vacuum

Central vacuum systems generally consist of a power unit that is most often stored in a utility room, garage, basement or crawl space of a home.  Inlet valves are then installed throughout the home to which a hose can be attached for easy and fast cleaning.  More commonly known as a “built-in vacuum,” this useful tool has become more popular in recent years.  Portable machines do not last long as this industrial, commercial-grade product.  The power units are known to last 25 years, which means the investment is worthwhile.  These systems are also more powerful than your average vacuum cleaner.  Sometimes people vacuum their homes and feel like it takes two or three tries before every speck of dirty is removed.  These units are especially useful on hardwood floors where sweeping may be done more often.  When it is time to pick up the dust, though, it is nearly impossible to remove the entire pile with just a brush and a dustpan.  Some crumbs always linger, but that isn’t the case with a central vacuum.

Powerful Suction and Filtration

These large motors function using a powerful suction device.  Special filtration devices remove nearly 100% of dust and allergens as well.  This makes them effective in cleaning homes of any size.  The unit can be installed to send exhaust outside, similar to air condition units.  This removes allergens and dust from your home.


Perhaps the best benefit of central vacuum cleaners is the convenience factor.  Vacuums with many attachments can be heavy.  Often, the higher the quality, the heavier the machine.  When the machine is the most powerful on the market, but stored in a permanent place, there is less heavy lifting.  This can save a great deal of energy while keeping a tidy home.  The installation is customizable.  Homeowners decide where inlets are and what attachments to use based on the flooring in their home.

Although many people think of security and home automation companies as sticking to burglar alarms, security cameras, and motion-detecting lights, POGO security offers so much more.  We are the local experts in home automation.  Contact us today to learn more!

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