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Using Commercial CCTV Security System Equipment in Home Residences

CCTV Security Systems

In Miami, West Palm Beach, and Pinecrest, more and more homeowners are using commercial grade security and automation equipment in their homes. From home entertainment systems to Closed-Circuit Television Systems, Miami-area homeowners are loving home automation. This hot trend likewise includes upgrades like automated lighting systems and automatic shades, making the home living experience more convenient than ever.  Although it may sound odd to some, commercial grade equipment can definitely find its place in homes and often functions with more reliability than the equipment available in local department stores or through cellphone companies.

CCTV is popular these days because people in Florida are worried about their family security.  They likewise worry about the security of their property.  With modern technology making it so easy to see what’s going on in and around our homes, why not take advantage of it?  It is simple to install a single camera at your front door to monitor who enters your home or if solicitors are on your property.  They are also convenient for tracking the delivery of packages.  Yet, above all, they keep your family safer when it comes to the threats that we hope never enter our lives: burglars, kidnappers, petnappers, or worse.  These events do not occur often, but when they do, they can have tragic results.

To get some peace of mind, homeowners can install commercial grade closed-circuit television security cameras.  Some residential quality packages include a low-quality monitor with access through wi-fi to an application that displays the footage when the camera is activated.  High-quality equipment has a lot more functionality.  This equipment can store more hours of footage.  The CCTV equipment can also work better in inclement weather or the dark.  Depending on your needs and budgets, access is available digitally or on tape, in color or black and white, with zoom or without.  With so many options available, it makes sense to consult a professional in the security industry instead of trusting a camera that is installed directly from a box.  The same benefits of cheaper options are available in commercial equipment but with added reliability and functionality.

Closed-circuit television recording protects businesses and homes alike.  If those in the vicinity are aware a property is under surveillance, they often abandon any plans for crime.  Even if they are not deterred, evidence is easily furnished after the crime occurs, ensuring that they suffer the consequences of their actions.  Families with CCTV sleep better at night knowing their homes are better protected.

CCTV security systems are not just for businesses. Options for homes are widely available. To see what will work for your home, contact Pogo Security today for a consultation.

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