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Using CCTV Security System Packages to Protect Casinos

CCTV Security System Packages to Protect Casinos

Casinos and other venues can be hotbeds for criminal activity.  Casinos are places where people come to try to win money, and with so much cash floating around, thieves may be more likely to appear.  These criminals take different forms.  Customers may attempt to steal anything from drink glasses and forks to cash from behind a counter.  Even employees have been caught stealing money and equipment.  Another threat to public facilities is vandalism.  Casinos often serve alcohol which can cause customers to do something they would not normally do if sober.  Florida casinos, and other tourist destinations, must be aware that sometimes people on vacation are more likely to commit crimes as they feel more emblazoned when in a new setting.  With so much risk, casinos have plan accordingly.

CCTV (Closed-Circuit Television) Cameras

Video surveillance helps control the happenings inside of a casino.  Casino owners are aware that in the casino environment, all activities must be securely monitored by teams they trust.  Cameras can be installed in strategic places throughout the premises to ensure employees, cash centers, exits, entrances, and customers can be monitored well.  Problems that occur will be recorded which is helpful to show as evidence if requested by law enforcement or insurance purposes.  Property damage, for example, which sometimes happens in casinos where people can sometimes act recklessly, is better prevented through consistent surveillanceDigital security means footage can be backed up for a given amount of time based on how big the attached server is.  Footage can even be watched on remote applications with some systems.  Throughout Miami, more and more businesses, including casinos, are using CCTV security cameras.

Another concern for casinos is fraud that occurs in tampering with games.  If someone attempts this, and is caught on camera, it can quickly be stopped and reported to law enforcement.

Burglar Alarm Systems

Different areas of the casino need different employee access and levels of security so that assets remain protected.  Cash handling locations, for example, should be under a higher level of security than a kitchen.  Burglar Alarm Systems can be installed to protect these sensitive areas.  This means only those who can access these protected zones are able.  If there are any inconsistencies, log in records can verify who entered the secure zone or alert authorized that unauthorized access has occurred.  Video surveillance can verify login credential records if the CCTV surveillance system captures these access points.  Burglar Alarm Systems have various ways to disarm and arm systems such as pin numbers, fingerprints, and other biometrics, granting a higher level of protection to these sensitive zones.

There is a lot at stake when it comes to casino security.  However, owners can make a safe bet on a smooth and safe operation by investing in commercial-grade CCTV surveillance systems and burglar alarm systems.  For casinos and other companies in the Miami-Dade area, Pogo Security is the ultimate source for high-quality security equipment.

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