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Upgrade your Patio with a Stereo System

In the good old days, people spent time on their deck or patio with a boombox tuned into the local radio station, listening to top 40 hits all summer long.  As we live in a different day and age, we have choices to stream endless amounts of music, news, and movies and connect that audio to Bluetooth devices in our cars and in hour homes.  Combine this sound technology with the nostalgia of drinks with friends and good music in the backyard, and you have a recipe for a party.

Many people do not realize that installing a sound system in your home, even on a patio or deck, is an affordable way to make your home a little more comfortable for you and your guests.  Expert technicians can install sound systems that connect to your entire home and even act as a intercom system, allowing for speaker-to-speaker communication within your home.  Premium sound systems allow different sources to stream in different parts of the house, so the movie playing in the basement doesn’t blast out onto the patio, unless you want it to!

Some homes have this technology, but it was installed at a time when device technology was less advanced, so now the sound quality has suffered.  Upgrade your sound system technology and enjoy the benefits of a home sound system once again.

Pogo Security offers a full line of commercial audio equipment and speakers to match the needs of our clients, using major brands such as Bogen Audio, Behringer, Anchor Audio, JBL Professional, and Speco. Most importantly, POGO Audio & Video brings these commercial audio brands to you for much less than our competitors.

We use quality equipment such as Audio Source Components, Multi-Channel Commercial Mixer/Amplifier, Commercial Power Amplifier, Indoor and Outdoor Commercial Speakers, and Speaker Cable to complete the installation.

Sound systems can be installed in conjunction with other home automation devices to add ease and comfort to your home.  For example, sound system customers often install home theater systems as well.  Connecting the sound to the theatre system gives a fun viewing experience without having to go to the cinema.  Automated lights and shades can add other elements of comfort to the home.  In conjunction, the home can take advantage of all the latest technology to make life easier.

Outdoor patio sound systems are especially popular in Florida.  A recent Miami installation was completed for a backyard with a screened porch and a pool.  The homeowner said it was worth it because he likes to host parties.  He wanted to bring the music outside so he could play music for his guests straight from his mobile device, without worrying about charging his speaker or if the speakers get wet.  Water resistant speakers put that worry to bed for the man who now says he hosts parties almost every weekend.

Upgrade to surround sound speakers throughout your house now.  The technology is fun, and you won’t regret the investment!

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