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Understanding the CCTV Surveillance System

CCTV surveillance systems are growing more popular by the day. Homeowners, organizations and government offices are recognizing the importance of CCTV surveillance system in the prevention, investigation, and monitoring of crime.

The development of the CCTV Surveillance system has been making many contributions to the safety and security of people in their homes, offices and public places. Car parks and public spaces are becoming safer. The system is also simplifying the work of law enforcement agencies.

Components of the CCTV Surveillance System

A CCTV surveillance system has some core components that are important to the whole functionality of the system. The components include:

The CCTV Cameras

You place the CCTV cameras in strategic places where they capture images and video footages. The images and video footages are sent to the control center. The CCTV cameras can be made public to prevent crime and reduce the confidence of potential criminals and sometimes they are hidden so that criminals and offenders can be monitored when they are off their guard.

The Video Recorder System

The CCTV cameras send signals to the video recorder where the videos are recorded and stored. Depending on the type of video recorder system in place, the signals from the cameras are sent to a digital video recorder or a network video recorder.

The Storage System

The storage system is where the system stores video records. The storage system can be a hard drive or a Micro SD card as the case may be.

The Output/Display Unit

The images and video recordings from the CCTV cameras are viewed either through a Television or a monitor. In some cases, you can also view them on laptops and smartphones through the internet.

The Control Center

The video recorder system, the storage system, and the display unit are located in the control center. The control center is monitored by someone in charge of security or through a shift system.

Types of CCTV Surveillance Systems

CCTV surveillance system can either be analog, IP or Wireless.

Analog CCTV Surveillance System

The analog system transmits video signals through a cable system to the digital video recorder. The video recorder system works with a hard disk as the storage unit for the storage of the video records for possible future use

IP Based CCTV Surveillance System

The IP system sends video signals through a network rather than through the analog system cables. The corresponding video recording system is called a network digital recorder. The IP system is more advanced and has better security

Wireless CCTV Surveillance System

The wireless system works through a wireless router system rather than network cables. You store the videos in a memory card rather than a hard disk. The wireless system ensures better distribution capacity.

Getting started with a CCTV Surveillance System

A CCTV surveillance system is now an essential security apparatus for organizations, governments, and property owners to embrace for their safety and security.

Whatever the cost, the benefits outweigh them.

Are you in need of a CCTV Surveillance system? POGO Security is your one-stop partner for the installation of CCTV Surveillance system that will give you rest of mind while you focus on your core business functions.

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