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Understanding How Burglar Alarm Systems Provide Protection

It seems like every year more and more tools are improved by advancing technology.  Throughout history, people have attempted to guard their property and belongings.  Either by security guards or guard dogs, 24/7 protection required some living body to be onsite, ready to protect the property.  Eventually, humankind began devising various methods to prevent breaking and entering.  Noisemakers like bells on doors were some of humanity’s very first burglar alarms.  Today’s technology has come a long way since then.

Burglar alarms are becoming quite popular in Florida, but not many people fully understand how they work.  In general, burglar alarm systems consist of two parts:  the sensors and the signals.  Sensors are what tells the alarm system that somebody has infiltrated, that something is wrong.  Then the signals take over, letting the appropriate parties know what the sensors have detected.

Some of the most popular burglar alarm systems in Broward County are ones that include fire protection as well.  These alarms detect the possibility of arson or accidental fire when smoke or flames appear on the property.  By connecting the alarm to the smoke detectors, a tripped alarm notifies the fire department of a threat.

Burglar alarm system sensors can be set up a variety of critical protection points like windows, doors, ventilation hatches, or more.  They might even be set up internally, for specific offices, safes, or other secure places.  More advanced burglar and fire alarm systems work by sending signals over telephone lines or the internet.

When the alarm is triggered, different actions might be taken depending on the alarm and its settings.  For example, the most basic alarms do nothing other than emit a loud sound.  This sound draws attention to the property, hopefully deterring the criminal from entering or stealing anything.  If security or police are nearby, they will hear the sound and approach to survey the situation.   More advanced systems send alerts to the local police department or an external monitoring center.  Then, business owners or contacts are notified and the appropriate course of action is taken.

Burglar and Fire Alarm Systems can be installed in anybody, commercial or residential.  Even if homeowners think that a burglar alarm system is out of their budget, they should contact a local security firm to find out what options are available.  As technology advances, some systems have become more affordable.  Businesses absolutely need to consider the value of a burglar alarm system to protect their property, assets, and employees.  Although the initial cost may dissuade some owners from installing a burglar alarm system, reduced insurance costs and risk, as well as increased peace of mind, are generally worth with the investment.

Those looking for burglar and fire alarm systems in and around Pinecrest, Florida can call the experts at POGO Security for a consultation.  We will walk you through the available options to help you find one that works for you.

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