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Thinking of Installing a Home Alarm System? But can’t decide what to choose? Let us help you!

Security Home Alarm System

Are you feeling unsafe living in your own home? Scared that burglar might intrude in? We have for your some reliable and efficient Burglar Alarm System that you can trust with your eyes closed!

Best Preferred Home Alarm System Options For You!

Here we have listed some common types of Burglar Alarm systems in Broward County which you can choose depending on your convenience and the requirements of your home. They are :

  • Electric Current Alarm System

These are used only to monitor entry points and thus often installed at areas like the windows, the doors of the house. The working of these electric current alarm system it’s very interesting. In case the doors and the windows are closed, the current flows without interruption. But once opened, the circuit gets disrupted, triggering the audible beep.

  • Wired Security Alarm System

In the case of wired systems, they transmit the connection through your landline phone to your monitoring center. However, there is the possibility that these wires which can be seen, can be cut or destroyed causing the system to be ineffective.

  • Wireless Security Home Alarm System

These systems as the name suggests are systems without wires. These use a series of sensors and a control panel that is connected with radio frequency Transmitters (built-in). When triggered, a signal through the control panel is transmitted thus activating the alarm.

  • Only Bells Alarm System

Their work is very simple. When someone barges in, they automatically detect it and start ringing, thus scaring the burglar away with its loud sound.

  • Monitoring Alarm System

These systems help you ensure that a trusted professional is always keeping a watch and will automatically get notified if there is a break-in. This is the prime reason monitored alarm systems are most preferred because they alert not only the homeowner but also the monitoring center operator.


Depending on the requirements of your house, the placement of your house you need to choose carefully the type of alarm you should have. Contact your nearest trusted center to get your Security Cameras today.  

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