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Thief Takes Cake from Miami Bakery and it is Caught on Camera

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On February 10, 2020, an ABC Headline read “Caught on Camera: Man Takes Cake from Bakery.” 

In Southwest Miami, a man was caught stealing a cake from a bakery.  The article explains, “Surveillance footage from inside the bakery shows Garcia opening the refrigerator where all the cakes are stored and removing one from the case.  He pauses and stares for a second, and then walks out of the store, cake in hand.  He is then seen leaving the scene in a black pickup truck.”

As Security Professionals, we have to say that this really takes the cake.

These kinds of stories remind us why having surveillance equipment is so necessary these days.  Business owners and homeowners are installing security cameras, commercial and residential in Florida.  Florida residents know society isn’t perfect.  Most people are good, but bad people do roam the streets.  You never can be sure when crime will strike.  It’s best to be prepared.

Anybody who is thinking about installing security cameras commercial and residential Florida should heed the warning that this news story gives us: better safe than sorry.

Business owners have traditionally enjoyed the benefits of CCTV (closed-circuit television surveillance).  These recording devices ensure that a property is safely monitored by recording equipment.  Whereas this equipment does not stop a crime, as in the case of the stolen cake, it does ensure that evidence exists when a crime does occur.

If a customer, employee, or anybody for that matter, steals from you, you will have the proof.  As they say, “the proof is in the pudding.”  CCTV equipment can actually be a sweet deal for homeowners and business owners alike.  Packages are available at many price points, so it is worth checking out what is within your budget.  You might just be surprised how affordable this equipment is once you get a taste of the options available in the market.

Business owners throughout the world have used CCTV to monitor their storefronts, factories, and warehouses.  Today, families are opting to install the same equipment to protect their homes. If you find yourself in the position to make such an investment, the best step to take is to open a search engine and type in the following: Security cameras commercial and residential Florida.

Security is honestly no cake walk. To make matters worse, the suspect in question in the stolen cake case was later found to be in possession of drugs.  This is the kind of person who could break into a bakery to steal a cake, any day of the week, in broad daylight.  Luckily, the bakery had a camera that caught it all.

Contact POGO Security for more information on what equipment is within your budget.

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