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The Real Reason Why CCTV Seems to be Everywhere Today

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Every once in a while, a story on the news probably catches your eye.  Often, it’s the story of local crime.  What makes the story so enticing for news outlets, and often times viewers, is that good old security camera footage.  When the story comes across your television or computer without a visual aid, it can be hard to imagine as really having happened.   However, when you see the grainy (or high definition) footage up close and personal, you know that it really went down. 

The footage captures the crime in action.  This means two different things.  One, it means that a wise criminal, if there is such a thing, would stop and take notice that his mug is caught on camera.  Thieves and vandals don’t want to make their job any harder.  If there is a higher chance they will get caught, they might not even try.  In a way, a security camera serves a deterrent.  Secondly, these cameras can help bust the criminals who were not wise enough to walk away.  When the crime is caught on camera, in the world of law, that’s known as evidence.  The footage can be used to help prosecute.

This is why people install security cameras, commercial and residential in Florida.  People value peace of mind, security, and protection.  Businesses have used security cameras and CCTV devices for decades.  Recently, there has been more interest in installing the equipment in schools, hospitals, libraries, apartment buildings, and even homes.

CCTV, closed-circuit television, is a fairly straightforward device.  The technology has been around for a long time, although upgrades are released often.  The original devices did not use computers.  They recorded to a video tape which would be rewound occasionally.  If something happened, the tape had to be pulled.  This technology still exists and can be more secure than devices hooked up to an internet connection.  There are also cameras that are set to a computer network, via ethernet cables or wireless connection.  Wireless connection is useful for easy installation, but it is fairly easy to hack. 

Neighbors, clients, and family members can rest easy.  When you have security devices like motion detecting lights, security cameras, or burglar alarm systems, you generally feel safer knowing that there are additional layers of protection around you.  This is true for a business and a home.

For businesses and homes without security cameras, commercial and residential in Florida, there is never a bad time to get an estimate for installation.   Good advice is to shop around.  Find several quotations and choose the most reliable dealer.

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