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The Heat is On and so is the Need for Home Security

burglar alarm system in Miami Lakes

When the temperatures rise, it’s time to start reading up on security equipment (i.e. access control systems, commercial and residential, in Florida).

People are more easily aggravated in the heat.  That’s a major motif of Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare.  All of the violence that erupts in that play takes place in the backdrop of an Italian summer – hot and humid! 

What does that mean for the folks in Florida?  It means we can be on edge when the high temperatures roll into town.  Sure, a lot of us have air conditioning, pools, and other creative ways to beat the heat.  Yet, that sticky and burnt feeling creeps up on us in just a few minutes if we’re not careful.  Some people get burnt just walking to the store from their car a few times while running errands.  Better slather on that SPF!

When the heat becomes severe, the simplest things bother us.  For many, what might be a mild annoyance feels like a major meltdown.  Our iced-coffee has the wrong sugar on a brisk December morning?  No big deal.  A new one is fine! Thanks!  But on a hot, muggy, summer day when that refreshing first sip was your last chance at peace while frying under the blistering sun?  Total meltdown!  We’re human.  It happens.

Then again, other problems come with the heat.

  • Risk of Heat Health Emergency.  With high temperatures comes danger.  People who are not hydrated enough or have other illness or conditions may find themselves suffering from heat cramps or heat stroke. To avoid this, be sure to stay in the shade, drink plenty of fluids, and cool down by taking some time in the AC or in a cool pool.
  • Elevated risk of crime and violence.  In Chicago, for example, many people believe that higher temperatures in the summer lead to increased chances of antisocial behavior.  More people are in the street, just trying to catch a breeze.  All of the sudden, somebody finds himself in the wrong place at the wrong time and trouble occurs.  If you don’t have a burglar alarm system, that trouble could be a break in.  This is true for both home residences and commercial properties.  Remember, heat = mischief.
  • Are you even home?  In Florida, summers are hot, hot, hot!  Some people beat the heat by hopping on a plane to a more temperate locale… like Alaska!  If you are the type of person who gets out dodge when the air becomes heavy with heat, then you should really be thinking twice about leaving your home or business unsupervised.  If you don’t have a burglar alarm system in Miami Lakes, you’re putting a lot in jeopardy.

Some people love warm weather.  It’s what makes us proud Floridians.  To stay proud, we need to protect our assets.  Contact POGO Security for an estimate on a burglar alarm system or other security equipment.  Consider a full package!

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