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Security for Your Small Business is well within Reach

burglar alarm system in Key Biscayne

The world of small business ownership can be a challenging one. Inventory, cost control, marketing, personnel, taxes, lawyers – it is enough to make your head spin. Every Tom, Dick, and Harry has some kind of magic cure to sell you to make running a business that much easier. It can be hard to sort […]

The Holidays are Coming so Stay on Alert with Home Security

November has come, and we are excited to get ready for the holidays.  Before you know it, we will be sitting down to a Thanksgiving Dinner with our family and friends at our sides.  The air seems to remain filled with scents of cinnamon, nutmeg, and pumpkin pie.  This time of year brings us together […]

Public Spaces Should Absolutely Use Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) Security

CCTV security system

Many government and public institutions have depended on the general good of the public to maintain public spaces.  Decades ago, this largely worked.  People believed public buildings were to be shared all by citizens, and so citizens respected these spaces.  They even volunteered to preserve the spaces. Today’s society is different.  Many people are tired […]

Warehouses and Storage Facilities Need CCTV Security Cameras

Closed Circuit Television Security Cameras seem to always make it onto the local news in Miami-Dade.  They aren’t on the news because they are particularly newsworthy on their own. Rather, they are on the news because when crimes occur, the video footage they produce becomes a valuable tool in finding perpetrators and in furnishing evidence […]

Risk Management plan in Retail, Security, and Logistics

Savvy business leaders and entrepreneurs know a fundamental rule of business today: Always reduce risk.  For various industries, this idea takes on different forms.  Often, it means monitoring your premises in the case of employee theft, customer theft, criminal activity when the store is closed, and surveillance of operations.  Anything can be caught on camera.  […]

3 Ways to Improve Quality of CCTV Footage

If you are running a business and have installed security cameras outside your office building, there is a possibility that you feel like watching a movie shot in the low-quality camcorder. The reason is because of the lack of video quality. More so, some people choose the lowest quality for various reasons, where the most […]

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