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Protect Your Family from Crime with Home Security Equipment

The streets of Miami are known for their fun in the sun atmosphere.  But at night, or even at day for that matter, crime exists.  From back alley break-ins to late night smash and grabs, criminals do not think twice before stealing. Many people understand the importance of security equipment for businesses.  There is a […]

How to Protect a Retail Store from Criminal Activity

security camera systems

Crime is a constant threat to retail stores in a variety of forms.  For example, criminals may enter the store to rob a cash register, possibly armed.  In other cases, customers steal product by consuming it in the store or hiding it on their person.  Even employees can be criminals, stealing money directly from the […]

Using Commercial CCTV Security System Equipment in Home Residences

CCTV Security Systems

In Miami, West Palm Beach, and Pinecrest, more and more homeowners are using commercial grade security and automation equipment in their homes. From home entertainment systems to Closed-Circuit Television Systems, Miami-area homeowners are loving home automation. This hot trend likewise includes upgrades like automated lighting systems and automatic shades, making the home living experience more […]

Risk Management plan in Retail, Security, and Logistics

Savvy business leaders and entrepreneurs know a fundamental rule of business today: Always reduce risk.  For various industries, this idea takes on different forms.  Often, it means monitoring your premises in the case of employee theft, customer theft, criminal activity when the store is closed, and surveillance of operations.  Anything can be caught on camera.  […]

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