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Understanding the Value of Security Cameras and CCTV Security Systems

security cameras in Miami Lakes

People often recognize CCTV as the security cameras used to monitor public places like libraries, schools, court houses, grocery stores, and the post office.  You probably have seen them in banks and convenient stores.  Many small business owners have come to appreciate the value they add to their businesses in terms of security.  As technology […]

At-Risk Hospitality Facilities like Casinos and Hotels Need Extensive CCTV Systems

CCTV Technology for Hospitality Facilities

It’s no secret that large facilities in the hospitality industry work hard to keep their guests, and their property, safe from harm.  Although the world is unpredictable, increasing the steps taken to prevent risk gives peace of mind and reduces the chances of something bad happening on the premises.  In the world of hospitality, where […]

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