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CCTV Security System

Halloween has recently come and gone, and with it went stories of trick-or-treating.  In Chicago, snow fell across the city and suburbs, turning the spooky day filled with candy and goblins into a winter wonderland.  In another part of the country, in Maryland, one boy warmed the hearts of people across the nation with an […]

Using CCTV Security System Packages to Protect Casinos

CCTV Security System Packages to Protect Casinos

Casinos and other venues can be hotbeds for criminal activity.  Casinos are places where people come to try to win money, and with so much cash floating around, thieves may be more likely to appear.  These criminals take different forms.  Customers may attempt to steal anything from drink glasses and forks to cash from behind […]

CCTV Cameras and Why You Should Think About Using Them

We offer license plate reader cameras installation. This is a procedure that’s easy to follow and our CCTV cameras will assure you of quality service and results. CCTV stands for Closed-Circuit Television also called video surveillance. It is used in specific places to enable the concerned party to keep an eye on the whereabouts and […]

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