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Learn More about CCTV Video Surveillance and IP Security Systems

Security cameras commercial and residential Florida

IP Security Systems offer higher image and video quality.  These systems operate on CAT 5 and CAT 6 ethernet cables, so the image quality is fantastic.  All of the highest resolutions systems use these cords.  This means IP cameras put recording quality at 1080P, 2K, and 4K HD resolutions within your grasp.  Megapixel ranges from […]

Why people decide to install security cameras?

security cameras in Medley

Close to our hearts is Medley, a town in Miami-Dade, Florida.  Named after its founder, Sylvester Medley, the area was officially founded in 1949.  The town is home to two important plants, a Rinker plant and a Titan American Pennsuco Cementer Plant.  Around town, upgrades in security equipment have been happening at various locations.  Security […]

Residential and Commercial Security Equipment Sales in Florida

security cameras commercial and residential Florida

With the new year in the rearview mirror, home security equipment experts are looking to increased sales in the coming months.  This is largely in part due to an increased interest in what is coming in security cameras commercial and residential Florida.  Of course, the technology in home security equipment, as well as commercial security […]

Now is a Good as Time as Any to Install Home Security Equipment

Burglar Alarm System in Key Biscayne

People often have the task of installing home security equipment on their honey-do list.  Yet, because of the cost and logistics of getting it installed, they put it off and off until it seems like it is just never going to happen.  If you are guilty, read on. This is a pep talk about why […]

Recent Florida Report Shows that Security Cameras Record Committed Theft

Security cameras commercial and residential Florida

On December 30, 2019, NBC 6’s Claudia DoCampo reported that a thief stole thousands of dollars of items from a vehicle in Miami-Dade.  The crime was captured on security cameras. Stories like these reveal why having surveillance equipment is so important these days.  Homeowners are installing security cameras commercial and residential Florida.  Business owners are […]

Security for Your Small Business is well within Reach

burglar alarm system in Key Biscayne

The world of small business ownership can be a challenging one. Inventory, cost control, marketing, personnel, taxes, lawyers – it is enough to make your head spin. Every Tom, Dick, and Harry has some kind of magic cure to sell you to make running a business that much easier. It can be hard to sort […]

Understanding the Value of Security Cameras and CCTV Security Systems

security cameras in Miami Lakes

People often recognize CCTV as the security cameras used to monitor public places like libraries, schools, court houses, grocery stores, and the post office.  You probably have seen them in banks and convenient stores.  Many small business owners have come to appreciate the value they add to their businesses in terms of security.  As technology […]

Everything you Want to Know about Security Cameras but are Afraid to Ask

Security cameras in Miami Lakes

How often do this happen to you?  You lock the door, your walk away, and all of the sudden, you cannot stop thinking about safe your home or business really is.  How hard would it be for somebody to break in. even with the door locked?  It can cause some major tension for people. As […]

Security Equipment is a Hot Investment for Businesses Today

burglar alarm system

The goal of many business owners, managers, and entrepreneurs is quite simple:  To make more money.  Businesses have a variety of missions and objectives.  For example, retail stores may set out to provide a unique customer experience in the selection of high-quality clothing for the fashion-minded, high-budget consumer.  Some other business may aim to help […]

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