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How to Avoid Becoming Another Home Burglary Statistic

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It is not something many people like to admit, but crime never stops.  We hear about crime all over the world and in our back yards, sometimes literally.  From social media posts to local news broadcasts, even the newspaper and neighborhood gossip, the revelation that crime occurs near us can be shocking.  Theft, vandalism, or […]

Understanding How Burglar Alarm Systems Provide Protection

It seems like every year more and more tools are improved by advancing technology.  Throughout history, people have attempted to guard their property and belongings.  Either by security guards or guard dogs, 24/7 protection required some living body to be onsite, ready to protect the property.  Eventually, humankind began devising various methods to prevent breaking […]

Burglar and Fire Alarm Services Reduce Risk for Private Property

Successful business owners know that an important part of running a sustainable firm is reducing risk wherever possible.  There are many ways to reduce risk such as obtaining insurance, hiring wisely, and ensuring contracts have language that protect the business.  First-aid equipment, proper training, and a thorough strategic plan reduce business risk as well.  However, […]

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