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Surprising Statistics on Security Cameras and CCTV

security cameras in Medley, FL

A July 6, 2020 article entitled “COVID-19 Impact & Recovery Analysis- Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) Camera Market 2019-2023 | Growing Demand for IP-Based CCTV Cameras to Boost Growth | Technavio” shows some interesting news about the field.” The article highlights a report, “Global Closed-circuit Television (CCTV) Camera Market 2019-2023,” by Technavio, which shares these statistics:

  • There will be an incremental growth of 8.65 BN $USD between 2018 and 2023 in the security camera business.
  • “The market is CONCENTRATED with several key players occupying the market share.”
  • “One of the KEY DRIVERS for this market will be GROWING DEMAND for IP-BASED CCTV CAMERAS.”

As experts in the industry, we’re not surprised in the slightest.  People today, even in Medley, FL, are looking for security cameras or closed-circuit television surveillance systems (CCTV).  They’re looking for these cameras for a number of reasons.  Some want to keep up with the Jones.  As the Technavio report states, more and more consumers are purchasing IP-Based CCTV Security Packages.  We generally don’t encourage anybody to use these products, though.  Not out-of-the-box or from major national retailers. 

People also install security cameras for protection and peace of mind.  For those who value quality, we suggest contacting a professional for commercial-grade technology.

When you buy cheap security equipment, you get less protection.  The cameras have been shown to be hackable. They also don’t always stand up well against the test of time.  This may change in the future as the consumer market catches up with the professional security industry, but for the time being, our recommendation stands: when looking for security cameras in Medley, FL, you need to entrust the professional security consultant. 

The market does have a few selections when it comes to products and brands for security cameras.  Sure, there are some big names.  There are some smaller ones, too.  The technology comes in many shapes and sizes, each with their own features and price point.  Do you need a 45-camera system with night vision and HD recording?  Do you require a coaxial connection to preserve privacy?  Do you want one or two cameras to help protect your home?  Security professionals have you covered. 

Security camera salesmen sometimes have a reputation as “sharks.”  They present several alarming statistics that make security cameras feel like a necessity.  As people take interest, they become more and more invested in buying cameras with all the bells and whistles.  They often think “higher price, more protection.” That can be true although it isn’t always so.  A reliable, trustworthy professional can help you find the right security camera package for your needs (and budget).  If you don’t feel comfortable with the consultant with whom you are working, don’t be afraid to request another one.

By 2023, we’re definitely going to be seeing more security cameras in our communities.  Why wait?  Invest in your system today. 

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