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Student Finds Problems with Out of the Box Security Camera

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Today, people are falling in love with home security.  One particular product has been flying off the shelves – Florida loves home security cameras that work with an internet connection.

One Florida student, according to Spectrum News 13, has found bugs in the software of some of these cameras.  The innerworkings are of course technical, so the everyday Joe may not fully grasp what’s going on here, but we thought we’d share a bit from the story: “’The key server won’t give new keys, but if you already have access to that video server, you can maintain your access — in some cases for 30 minutes, in some far, far longer,’ [Blake] Janes said.” 

Basically out-of-the-box door camera/doorbell devices are easily hacked!   That’s wild!  The report reads on: “Blake reached out to companies like Amazon Ring, Google Nest, and others about their product flaws. He was pleasantly surprised when they answered and put fixes in the works right away.”

Always go with a professional!

Do you remember that old commercial where a husband and wife argue about taxes?  In case you don’t recall, allow us to paint the scene for you.  A husband buys tax software and tells his wife the taxes are filed.  He says, don’t worry!  Flash forward.  They couple is getting audited.  The man seems surprised.  The wife retorts with something along the lines of “why don’t we ask the box for help?”  Brutal!

That’s what happens when you choose these inferior devices because they are cheaper or easier to pick up at a big box retailer.  If your camera is hacked, what are you going to do?  Ask the box?  You don’t get the same level of service nor the same level of technology when you buy cheap.  When we’re talking about security and privacy, that’s a big deal!

When you need security cameras in Florida, or anywhere for that matter, you need to be careful to approach the situation intelligently.  Get in touch with an expert.  Security professionals know about vulnerabilities.  Security cameras that work over an internet connection are more vulnerable than coaxial versions that predate the out-of-the-box door camera system.  Some clients prefer this older technology because the picture is clear and the system cannot be hacked.  Good looking out.

There are many types of security cameras on the market today.  They complement many other technologies like access control systems in Florida.  For example, if you have an access control system and a security camera set near a door, your property will be more secure.  Only those with a key, PIN, or permission (via biometrics) will be able to open the door.  Whoever does open the door will be recorded on camera with a date and timestamp.  That’s pretty good security!  Even better if isn’t easily hacked by a college student.  That’s why you have to call the pros.

To have a safe and security camera installed, contact POGO Security today. We’re here to help!

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