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Stay Cozy at Home with an Indoor Home Theatre

Fall is coming.  It means the kids are back to school and that Halloween is right around the corner.  A home theatre might be just what you need to ring in the new season.

Pogo Security offers full home theatre installations .  These installations include the audio and video equipment necessary to turn any room in your house into a movie theatre.  Some installations base the theatre around a traditional, large television.  Others opt for projector screens to replicate a realistic theatre experience.  As for sound system installation, many opportunities exist.  Speaker installation varies on the size of the room and the desired quality of sound.  Affordable home theatre systems are going to make for a fun, low cost option.  For those interested in full, premium packages, offerings do not disappoint with high sound quality that rivals theatres with commercial products.  Pogo Security makes home theatre installation easy, and we have many satisfied customers throughout the Florida area who found the experience to be fast and painless.

Consider what fun a home theatre system experience can bring with these activities!

Movie Date Night:  With your home theatre, you can have date night right in the comfort of your own home.  You can stream a movie from your favorite application directly to the system for a theatre experience that lends itself to a little cozy privacy as well.  Prepare the scene by having some snacks like popcorn, candy, or ice cream ready to go for the big event.

Family Movie Night:  Looking for fun the whole family can enjoy?  Make a habit of watching a movie once a week with your family.  Some families don’t do movies – they choose a show they like to follow and make a routine out of watching it at the same time once a week.  High quality sound and picture quality will blow you away, time after time.  After a movie night, watch some old family vacation videos on the big screen and dream up where you will go on your next trip.  If it’s a special occasion, consider ordering pizza or making some sandwiches to snack on while you enjoy the time together.

Halloween Party:  A great way to host a Halloween party is to choose some scary movies to display on your home theatre system.  Choose a movie that will be a hit with your guests – B-list horror, family-friendly, slasher, vintage – any DVD you have can be played on the entertainment system.  Then serve some spooky snacks and themed drinks during the movie.  Consider upgrading your home theatre setup with automated lights and shades to keep the room dark during the movie.  When the movie ends, keep the lights low and tell ghost stories.

Holiday Kids-Zone:  Before you know it, Thanksgiving and the holidays will arrive.  When family comes over, the children sometimes get restless and interrupt adult conversations.  Keep the kids busy with a children’s room in a home theatre.  This way, the adults can get least an hour or so’s time to relax while the kids are entertained in the home theatre, laughing away at one of their favorite films.  Encourage the kids to dress up like the characters in the movie so they get more into it and have something to before or after the movie.

A home theatre entertainment system opens a lot of doors when it comes to having fun.  Pogo Security is in the business of making these dreams a reality.  Our expert staff will help you choose the best theatre system for your home and oversee its installation.  Don’t let the season pass you by!

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