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Some History on How Burglar Alarm Systems Came to Protect Us

burglar alarm system

Decades ago, people lived without burglar alarm systems.  In these times, people relied on fences, locked doors, bells, and weapons to protect themselves.  Human society has evolved from this point, giving us a higher sense of security, largely in part due to the advancement of municipal services as well as security technology.  Our ancestors weren’t able to call 911 when a fire erupted.  They either rushed it with pales of water or waited it out.  When a crime occurred, the resident alone acted to prevent it; the police couldn’t arrive fast enough. These days have passed, though.  Now families and businesses can rely on municipal services such as the fire district and the police department when some unfortunate mishap occurs.  The invention of burglar alarm systems first focused on scaring the criminal with attention brought on by a loud sound alerting anybody in the vicinity of the alarm.

The first burglar alarm systems worked largely like a bell on a door does; it told everybody who could hear that somebody was attempting to enter or had entered.  As the technology progressed, the ways the alarm could be triggered improved.  If multiple doors opened, if windows opened, if glass was broken, if motion was detected from within – all of these developments became features added to alarm systems for additional functionality.  Of course, as these capabilities first became available, they were quite costly.  However, over time, advances in the technology made it more affordable to everyday people.

As burglar alarm systems increased in popularity over the past few decades, new telecommunications technology made it possible to connect devices to local fire protection and police departments.  Although not available in all areas of the country at this time, many municipalities are able to dispatch police or fire departments to a scene where an alarm has been triggered.

When it comes to the police, the line tells the dispatch center the location of the alarm device and requests help.  The dispatch center may send help or attempt to contact the homeowner to see if everything is alright on the premises.  Some areas do not have this technology at this time, but the alarm can be wired to notify the security systems service provider who will be able to contact the owner or emergency services.  Either way, this saves precious time in getting the necessary help to the scene.

Another feature of today’s burglar alarm system is their ability to connect to smoke detectors, alerting the fire department if they sound.  This feature helps protect properties from extensive fire damage should a blaze erupt.  This could just as likely save a person’s life should they need help from emergency medical services; assistance will arrive promptly in thanks to the automatic call made by the security alarm system.

In Florida, Pogo Security provides an extensive amount of coverage to the Miami area in providing security solutions.  To learn more about burglar alarm systems, contact us today.

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