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Some Fast Facts Regarding CCTV Video Surveillance and IP Security

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When it comes to security equipment, many of us are left in the dark on the technical specifics.  Not everybody understands the benefits of IP Security Systems, for example.  The explanation is simple, though: they provide a higher quality image for pictures and video.  People don’t know that the cables matter; they don’t know that it’s best to use a CAT 5 or CAT 6 ethernet cable for the highest quality images.  Wireless cameras sold at retailers are popular because they are easier to install, but did you know they are more easily hacked?  That’s why relying on a professional always beats the DIY methods in the field of security.

Another benefit of a wired system is that IP cameras offer crystal clear recording quality at 1080P, 2K, and 4K HD resolutions.  Megapixels are available from 2 to 8.  So many businesses require precise and clear footage.  If that is your case, ditch the security systems that come from big box retailers and call a security professional.  When you go with a professional, you can enjoy remote monitoring.  In some systems, you can even use zoom features from a mobile device or computer.

The truth is that security cameras, commercial and residential, across Florida come in all shapes and sizes.  If you go with an IP Security System, you will have a system that uses a computer network to monitor the property. Interested in another choice?  Consider the HD-over-coax systems. This is a more traditional cable that connects all the cameras.  It doesn’t rely on the internet at all, so it is a very secure system – often used for high-profile businesses that need a lot of privacy.

IP cameras are actually more expensive than the HD-over-coax ones.  The price difference has decreased over the past years, though.  No matter which option you choose, you will be able to enjoy a wider camera lens that captures footage with a high degree of clarity. 

The cost is affordable, but the equipment and installation aren’t exactly cheap.  You have to consider this equipment an investment in your security and future.  In some cases, the insurance rates you pay drop after installing this equipment.  Installed equipment can be a selling point if you choose to sell the property one day.

Installation is easier for IP camera systems because one cable provides everything you need (power, video, and audio).  The alternative requires more wiring as each factor requires its own wire.  IP systems work with computers, so you need a computer and a program to manage the system.

In the confusing market of security cameras, commercial and residential, in Florida, it is easy to become overwhelmed by the vast array of choices out there.  Instead of giving up, call on a security professional who can walk you through all the options available to you. 

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