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Setting up a Door Control System

Introduction: The use of a door control system

Certain people should only access some rooms or locations within an organization. Since the door is the entrance to any room, a door control system is how you restrict the people that can pass through the door.

Traditionally, locks and keys have been used for this purpose. But the limitations of the lock and key system are becoming more and more evident.

A door control system is an electronic control system whereby a card reader control system handles entrance through a door. There are a card reader and those who are to have access to that particular door have cards that have been issued, authorized and configured.

In some other cases, a biometric system is employed rather than a card reader system. The RFID system is also becoming more popular.

Advantages of the Door Control System

The electronic door control system has certain advantages over the lock and key system.

  • Every employee can have a single card which is already configured to access only the places that employee is authorized to enter. So for example, if there are ten doors in a building and an employee is authorized to enter only seven; she does not need seven cards. A card is given specifically for her, and the card is customized to access the seven doors she is allowed to enter. This means convenience and comfort for the employee and security for the organization.
  • Scale up and down: With the door control system, the number of people that can have access to a door can be increased or decreased by just configuring the card.
  • Greater variety of Options: A door control system allows you to fill in details like what time of the day the person can get entrance to the door, how many days a week, what days of the week, the time the door begins to function and when it stops functioning including those who will have access during the holiday. A door control system gives you the freedom to configure a lot of details for maximum security.
  • More tightened security: Lost or stolen cards can easily be deactivated to access the system. Similarly, some door control systems use a card control keypad where you are required to input your PIN before you can gain access. Such measures allow for greater security. In some cases, certain door control systems use a biometric system which means no one can impersonate another person.

Getting Started with the Door Control System

The door control system expert will install the electronic card reader at the door. The card reader can come with a card control keypad that allows you to input a pin already assigned to that card.

The door also has an electronic lock component that handles the lock and unlocking of the door. The card reader system, the card, and the electronic lock component are integrated electronically through an access control field panel and the door control system server computer controls the field panel.

All these various elements will be set up by the door control system experts, and your organization can begin to enjoy a heightened sense of safety and security.

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