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Security Cameras Make Sense for Businesses Big and Small

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In February, we posted an article about an ABC Headline read “Caught on Camera: Man Takes Cake from Bakery.”  Long story short, we explained how security cameras, commercial and residential in Florida were used in this incident to provide police with information about a man whole stole a cake from a bakery while under the influence of drugs (reportedly). 

A month later, we’re still thinking about it.  What makes somebody just walk into a bakery and steal a cake? Some would be quick to answer “hunger.”  Okay, sure.  And in that case, maybe the owner would be empathetic and share some food.  But in most cases, people aren’t stealing from stores because they are hungry.  Even if they are, the store suffers a loss from theft.  

That’s why security cameras, commercial and residential in Florida are, in fact, so important for big and small businesses alike.

When people go to the post office, a school, or the corner store, CCTV (closed-circuit television surveillance) is in action.  This technology keeps a video record of everything that happens under its watchful lens.  For example, if an employee steals cash out of the cash register, that shame is captured on camera.  That means it can be prevented in the future.  The employee can be fired.  You could even call the police on the employee if you want to.  The option is yours, but you wouldn’t have so many choices if you didn’t have CCTV in place.  That’s why businesses, big and small, are willing to invest in security cameras, commercial and residential in Florida.

Customers are surprisingly happy to see CCTV used.  Some don’t even give it a second thought.  Others stop and smile or make a silly face at the camera.  And so, what if they do?  Let them have their fun.  They most likely won’t be the ones stealing anyway.  A suspicious character might see that camera and avoid it, or better yet, walk right out of the store and onto another that doesn’t make it so hard to steal.

In storefronts, warehouses, recreation facilities, schools, and even some high-profile home residences, CCTV cameras are used to protect and monitor a space.  Part of developing a great monitoring strategy is determining the best place to put these security cameras, commercial and residential in Florida.  You have to think of entrances, exists, and high-risk security points like at safes and cash registers.  When you safeguard your property, you will have more control in the rare event that something goes wrong.  Whether your business is big or small, there is a security solution for you.

As we said on the stolen cake incident, security is no cake walk.  You have to be prepared.  CCTV Security is really just the icing on the cake of a well-structured risk management plan.

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