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Security Cameras Helping Get Word About Gas Station Crime

security cameras, commercial and residential in Florida

A March 12, 2020 report by the Miami Herald website, written by Devoun Cetoute, entitled “Watch as robber punches gas station clerk in the face and takes off with cash register,” shows just how useful security cameras can be when a crime occurs.

The report shows video footage of three individuals loitering outside a gas station.  They finally enter the gas station, acting as if they will purchase something. Instead they shop lift beverages, punch the clerk in the face, steal the cash register and a handful of other behind-the-counter products, and run off.  One of the culprits was on a bicycle.  All of this happened in unincorporated Broward County, the article reports. According to the article, the clerk was taken to the hospital.  There is a $3,000 reward for information that leads to the arrest of the thieves.

Here lies the value of security cameras, commercial and residential in Florida.  Suffering in a crime like this is terrible for all involved.  The clerk was punched in the face and will almost certainly deal with the psychological aftermath of the event for years to come.  The gas station suffered a financial loss.  Neighbors in the community lose sleep at night knowing that crime is happening in their neck of the woods.  Nothing good comes out of a situation like this, and if there hadn’t been the security cameras on-site, there would be little evidence of the crime even having occurred.  That’s why CCTV surveillance systems (security cameras, commercial and residential in Florida) are so important for businesses and homes.

CCTV, closed-circuit television, surveillance can be used in homes and businesses to provide an added layer of security to the property.  The camera captures footage of all that happens under its watchful eye.  Most of the time, this footage is mundane, boring, and can be erased shortly after it is recorded.  Other times, such as was the case on March 12th at this gas station, it can be used in a police investigation. 

The article by the Miami Herald even shows a video of the culprits committing the robbery.  This is a good thing, in reality.  It helps the general public remain vigilant while the police search for the criminals.  It also puts other thieves on notice that committing a crime isn’t so easy when cameras can help others to identify you after the fact. 

For businesses and homes without security cameras, commercial and residential in Florida, we hope you take notice of how this equipment can be powerful.  In this case, it didn’t stop the crime from happening (although it can when smarter criminals know better than to try any funny business under surveillance).  Sometimes criminals won’t even attempt a robbery in a place with cameras.  When they do, the action is caught on camera.  When these guys are apprehended, they will have a hard time denying the evidence in a court of law.

If you have a home or business, you have to be prepared. 

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