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Risk Management plan in Retail, Security, and Logistics

Savvy business leaders and entrepreneurs know a fundamental rule of business today: Always reduce risk.  For various industries, this idea takes on different forms.  Often, it means monitoring your premises in the case of employee theft, customer theft, criminal activity when the store is closed, and surveillance of operations.  Anything can be caught on camera.  Flordia companies have used video footage to prove an employee is stealing, to submit to police authorities when theft or vandalism occurs, and to verify stories in the case of unexpected incidents like fire, extreme weather, or accidents. This footage can be valuable for the employer – evidence for HR, police, and legal investigations.

Yet, some companies hesitate to make the investment in CCTV.  Because we know security, we are here to educate.

CCTV stands for closed circuit television.  The system works by connecting CCTV security cameras to software that record what is happening on your property in real time.  The software saves the footage for a specified amount of time.  Whereas most people are familiar with the security camera systems of yesteryear that are big, clunky, obvious, black and white, fuzzy, and on cassette tape, business owners should realize that new digital options provide a wider variety of options.  Many of these digital security camera packages now offer more features for a lower price than in the past.  Digital security camera packages come in different shapes, sizes, and prices.

Package options offer a variety of choices for businesses, so your team can select the package that makes the most sense for your property.  CCTV security camera recording offers cameras that can be fixed on one location or offer some mobility, up to 360 degrees.  Some cameras can track movement or record in the dark.  The features you need are easily accessible through modern technology.  Traditional analog security CCTV systems are available as well – making a great choice for certain businesses or those in need of repair or expansion.  In digital CCTV systems, there are different choices in pixel quality, light quality, and distance.  You can install one or two cameras on a main entrance and cash register or install cameras throughout your entire facility.  Business owners can also choose packages with various documenting capacities, meaning the amount of recorded footage differs per user needs.  The possibilities are endless.

We often have business owners who see the benefits of CCTV security systems and ask if these products are available for home installation, and the answer is yes!  We are happy to provide home security services featuring CCTV as well.  These packages come with the homeowner in mind, but we have done commercial installations on residential properties as well.  This has been a popular request in Key Biscayne, Golden Beach, and Pinecrest as of late.

POGO Security offers consultation to help you choose a CCTV security system that works for you.  Be your desire wireless or tradition, zero lux or not, fixed or 360 view point, our team at POGO Security is ready to help.

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