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Retail Businesses Really Do Need CCTV to Maintain a Safe Setting

Miami businesses needing CCTV (Closed-Circuit Television) Security systems tend to know when it is time to install or update equipment.  However, many new businesses, or those who suddenly find themselves in need of additional security, wonder if it is common for businesses in their particular industry to use such technology.  In other words, business owners and managers ask themselves the tough question: is it worth the investment?

Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) Security Systems provide an added layer of protection to any business, mitigating risk and giving owners and shoppers peace of mind.  Realistically, anywhere that is open to the public can take advantage of CCTV in some form.  Public places where cash is handled should especially have CCTV.  There is a lot of risk in cash handling from a hold up situation to employee theft. These unfortunate problems can be resolved faster with footage providing evidence of the crime.  With so much interest in high security, people are even installing commercial CCTV security systems in their homes in communities like Pinecrest, FL.  West Palm Beach businesses are interested in these systems as well.

Our consultants are often asked if CCTV is common in a given industry.  The answer is that although there are some industries in which CCTV installation in Miami Lake is more common, any business, home, or public place should consider this security measure.  Many retail businesses, of any size, often call for CCTV installation in West Palm Beach, Miami Lakes, and beyond.

  1. Convenient Stores: Convenient stores need the security of CCTV Security Systems.  Between the high customer volume, loaded cash drawers, and narrow aisles and tight spaces, convenient stores are well known as a hotbed for theft.  Tales of criminals holding up convenient stores are rampant in the media, and petty theft occurs often.  Any person off the street might try to swipe a candy bar or a soda.  Even employees steal by collecting cash and voiding the sale.  At the end of the shift, they pocket the difference between what the register shows and what is on hand.  Put a stop to theft with a CCTV system.  Would-be criminals are deterred, and those daring enough to carry through with the crime anyway are caught on camera.
  2. Department Stores: Large stores with many departments are another common victim of shoplifting.  With such a large space to monitor, it is difficult for even the best security teams to catch everything.  In additional to other security measures like, Electronic Article Surveillance, a CCTV system can save the day.  By strategically placing video camera surveillance equipment throughout the store, the security team can keep closer tabs on the whereabouts and actions of both customers and employees.  This cuts down on product loss, and at the drawer, ensures employees are appropriately managing the cash register.

There are many types of residences and commercial locations that would be wise to install CCTV systems today.  To learn more about this technology, contact Pogo Security.

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