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Recent Florida Report Shows that Security Cameras Record Committed Theft

Security cameras commercial and residential Florida

On December 30, 2019, NBC 6’s Claudia DoCampo reported that a thief stole thousands of dollars of items from a vehicle in Miami-Dade.  The crime was captured on security cameras.

Stories like these reveal why having surveillance equipment is so important these days.  Homeowners are installing security cameras commercial and residential Florida.  Business owners are doing the same.  They worry about the security of their property and those occupying it.  For homeowners, this could mean family members.  For business owners, this means clients and employees.  Security cameras safeguard property and equipment as well.

People who are considering installing security cameras commercial and residential Florida should use this news story as a reminder to get it done sooner than later.

Homeowners enjoy the peace of mind they maintain knowing that their home is under the protection of CCTV (Closed-circuit television) security equipment.  A camera, or several, record what happens around the home.  Of course, one is good.  A few more is better.  Cameras could be pointed at garage door entrances, storage sheds, driveways, and porches.  Wherever somebody may attempt to burglarize or vandalize your home, a camera can be installed there.  Some installations are wireless.  Some are digital. Analog and hardwired options are still available today, but they are not nearly as popular as they once were.  Some cameras have night vision so they can record in the dark.  Others rely on motion detecting lights to record footage at night.  There are many options available for today’s homeowner.  There are also many price points available as well, so you will be able to find a package within your budget.

Business owners have enjoyed the convenience and security of CCTV Systems for a long time.  Whenever you enter a store, large or small, and see yourself in the frame of a camera in the store, you are being recorded using CCTV video surveillance equipment.  This equipment monitors the store, or any business, from the inside out.  At registers or where money is handled, a camera protects how that money is being handled by employees and clients.  If an employee sticks money in his pocket, you might see it on camera.  If a customer removes something from the property without paying, you have that on camera, too.  Businesses need to protect themselves.  Security cameras commercial and residential Florida can help, just as it did in the recent December, 30 case featured on the news.

Florida families and business owners should seriously consider investing in security equipment in light of the recent news report.  Contact POGO Security for more information on what equipment is within your budget.

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